Kong Reward Ball

Most of us see dog toys as simply that: toys. As true as it can be that dog toys and treats are meant to fill them with joy and fun, it is also accurate to say that they can be used in different ways in order to help your dog more than just keep them entertained. There are many interactive toys in the market that will give your terrier an engaging experience of playful fun mixed in with mental benefits and delicious nourishment. A multipurpose toy is the best option for every pet owner so that they can ensure their dogs have a product of quality that not only makes them happy but also improves their life. Today we are going to check out the Kong reward ball which is a top choice for you and your dog.

Introducing the Kong Reward Ball

Toys like the KONG Reward ball are great tools of mental stimulation for your dog. Not only they serve the purpose of slowly providing them with treats of reward, but they’re also fun and interactive. The KONG Reward Ball is designed for quiet play, so your dogs don’t go around tossing clunky, loud toys out and about while keeping themselves busy and entertained. The material of it is durable and it is very easy to load it with treats and wash it afterwards.

Kong Reward Ball

The KONG Reward Ball is targeted towards larger dogs, but other options in the market for smaller chewers are also available. There is also a Kong rewards tennis ball…

Kong reward ball

Zellar Treat Dispenser

A good alternative to the Reward Ball that suits the needs of dogs of all sizes and breeds is the Zellar Treat Dispenser. This device stands on the ground and allows the tumbling of your dog’s paws so that treats are dispensed to them. The egg shaped treat dispenser intentionally serves the purpose of avoiding your pet from holding the device in their mouth and chewing down on it and that way, ensuring more longevity for the product itself.

Zellar treat dispenser for dogs

Using the Kong Reward Ball as a Regular Feeder

Now, another good employment of these kinds of toys is using them as regular feeders. Filling them with enriched, nutrient packed kibble is a good way to keep your dogs fed and entertained at the same time. Dry Dog food like the IAMS varieties and flavors is a really great option to pair with these toys. For terriers, they have a variety available that is specially curated to improve their vitality, which pairs perfectly with the toys so that the food can keep on boosting their energy to keep playing and keep feeding themselves through their play time.

Iams adult dog

Using the Kong Reward Ball for Weight Management

These kind of devices of reward are crucial for weight management too. For dogs that are fast eaters, these kind of toys can be insanely beneficial for their overall health. Making them work a bit in order to get their food will improve their activeness while facilitating slow eating and forcing them to chew on their food correctly. Other than the weight management benefits, toys like the KONG Reward Ball and the Zellar treat dispenser are great to keep your dogs mentally and physically stimulated. Whether you choose for it to be only a treat holder or employ these devices to teach your terrier a little patience and learn to eat slowly, treat dispensing toys are great for dogs of all ages.

Remember that if you are using treats (like these grain free healthy dog treats from Dragonfly) adjust the dogs normal food accordingly.

dragonfly healthy dog treats

If you want to learn more about products like the KONG Reward Ball and admire their long lasting, beneficial, live improving properties… You may also want to indulge in reading about

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