Kong Safesticks

Amy Trumpeter
3 min readApr 26, 2021
Kong Safesticks

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We all love a game of fetch with our dogs. Some dogs, in particular, love to find and collect sticks. With natural sticks comes the huge risk of injury. Ask any vet, and they will tell you tales of dog stick injuries that will stop you from throwing wooden sticks for your dog forever. Risks include the stick splintering, getting lodged in their throat, being penetrated by the stick as they run after it or internal splinters from mouthing or chewing the stick. https://www.bva.co.uk/news-and-blog/blog-article/making-the-point-on-stick-injuries-in-dogs/

What Are Kong Safesticks

Like all Kong products, the Kong Safesticks are carefully developed. These are designed as a safer alternative to wooden sticks. They are made with durable material that includes flexing and bouncing and float for added unpredictability and fun. The Safesticks have rounded ends to make them a safer option for interactive play.

Why Kong Safestick

When you don’t want the risk associated with your dog playing with real tree sticks, whilst Kong are very careful not to claim that your dog won’t get injured playing with their Safesticks, these carefully designed dog toys are the ideal solution. Dogs playing with sticks and people throwing sticks for dogs is a pastime that seems to be as old as..? Well, since man and dog became friends.

KONG — SafeStix — Strong and Flexible Dog Fetch Toy with Safe, Durable Materials — For Small Dogs

  • Rounded ends for safer interactive play
  • Durable material, ideal for on-going games of fetch
  • Flexes and bounces for added engagement


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Now that we know the frightening injuries that natural sticks can cause, having one or several of these in your dog toy collection is a safer and fun alternative for your dog.

Like most Kong toys Safesticks are provided in different sizes to suit different sized dogs.

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