Kong Squeeze Ball

Every dog needs to play in order to have a healthy life and the Kong Squeeze Ball is an excellent option. Not only it serves a purpose of entertainment and fun for both pet and owner, but it is also a very good way for dogs to get their hours of exercise in so that they can stay active and keep their weight under control. As cute as they can be, having dogs that are a little chubby is irresponsible. Excess weight can be detrimental to their joints and can become a source of pain. Be a responsible pet owner and exercise your dogs with the help of KONG! Like us humans, dogs use their play time to improve their life in every way. A bored dog is a sad dog, and we don’t want our lovely furry babies to be sad, do we? — Engaging into healthy play will better the life of your pet and help promote happiness.

Introducing KONG! The Most Durable Dog Toy Brand

There are so many different types of balls for pets, curated by various brands. To answer the question that you must be asking yourselves — Why are KONG products so good and much better than any other brands? — We can simplify an answer by simply indicating that KONG products are strong and durable. No more weekly shopping for dog toys because your loyal terriers have chewed out a hole into their toys — With the KONG squeeze toys you will not be encountering that issue! They make sure that all their products are durable and specially targeted for different sized dogs of all ages. The materials that they use in their products are pet friendly and non-toxic.

The Kong Squeeze Ball

But how complicated can Squeezy balls be? — Every generic dog toy is made so that they’re easily destroyed and the owners can buy more, but not the KONG products. These Kong squeeze balls are specially designed to last your dog a very long time. KONG also provides toys targeted to your dog’s breed so you can find the ball that best suits their need.

Kong Squeeze Ball

Kong has squeeze balls for dogs of all different sizes and breeds. The colour code is a guide to how tough and durable the toy is. The RED Kong Squeeze ball is for average chewers, as most terriers are. The BLUE Kong Squeeze ball is STRONG and so if your pooch is a particularly aggressive chewer, go with this. They also come in different sizes so medium, large and X Large. Blake is a Patterdale terrier who likes to chew a lot so BLUE and Medium sized was perfect for him.

Kong Squeeze ball large

Kong Squeeze Action Ball

For medium dogs, KONG offers the Squeeze Action Ball. The ball has multiple textures to ensure your dog has a blast biting down on it and it’s also equipped with a squeaker, to make the toy more pleasing and interactive for your furry boys and girls.

Kong squeeze action ball

Kong Squeeze Jels

For unexpected, fetching fun, trying KONG’s Squeeze Jels can be a great ideal. The playful jelly bounces all around when thrown and provides endless fun while your terrier runs after it. When they finally catch it, the toy squeaks so that they’re satisfied and happy about finally holding it in their mouths. Other more simple and straightforward types of toys like the KONG Squeezz ball can also bring your dog many hours of happy play.

Overall Verdict — We Love the Kong Squeeze Balls!

Whichever Kong squeeze ball that you end up choosing for your dearest pet will improve their happiness in a really great way. The interactive play of a Kong toy that they can chew on, chase after and make squeak provides them with physical and mental stimulation, encouraging play and promoting happiness. It can also help puppies with their teething and help prevent loneliness and keep your dogs entertained while you are away, so the impact of separation anxiety is a little less intense. By engaging with them in play, you can have an increased bond with your terriers as you enjoy a session of utmost fun.

Do you have a Kong squeeze ball for your pooch? What’s your verdict? Please comment on our blog below!

If you are curious to know about more KONG products that you can acquire in order to make your pet happier, you may want to check out the Kong Squeeze Ball.

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