Kong Zoom Groom

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4 min readMar 14, 2021
Kong Zoom Groom

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The Kong Zoom Groom is a product that removes any loose hair on your dog while stimulating the production of natural oil in your dog for a clean and healthy coat. It can be used with shampoo for an effective and healthy cleaning of your dog’s coat. While cleaning, it also gives your dog a relaxing massage to keep them calm.

The Kong Zoom Groom is considered to be the best grooming and shampooing brush available on the market. It effectively removes hair while giving your pet a calming massage. The brush has rubber cones that stick out of the easily graspable brush, they remove dead skin, loose hair, and dirt. You can even use it in coordination with your favourite dog shampoo in order to give your dog a glorious spa treatment. The design of the brush is rubber so it makes it perfect for cleaning and it makes it easy to remove the dirt and loose hairs taken from your dog.

How to use

For brushing, just brush your dog in a circular motion in order to effectively get rid of loose hair and dirt. For bathing, place the shampoo on the brush and brush your wet dog in a circular motion before rinsing it out.


The Kong Zoom Groom comes in two different colours; blue and pink. The pink colour is more suitable for puppies and dogs who have shorter coats. The blue brush is more suitable for all coat types, but particularly long coats.

Kong Zoom Groom Firm Dog Blue

  • Colour: Blue


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This is the blue Kong Zoom Groom, meaning that it is suitable for all coat types, but particularly for those with long hair.

KONG — ZoomGroom — Dog Brush for Grooming and Shampooing — For Large Dogs (Red)

  • Patented brush comfortably massages dog during grooming
  • Makes cleaning and shampooing more effective with wide bristles
  • Made in the USA


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