Lace Wig Glue

If you’re looking to buy lace wig glue, here’s what you need to know about how to use it. We also make recommendations on the best lace wig glue to buy online.

What is lace wig glue?

Lace wig paste is a thick glue that can be applied to the skin in order to affix hair onto the head. It’s usually made of gelatin and other high-protein materials that are both water-soluble and adhesive.

Benefits of lace wig glue

There are many benefits associated with using lace wig glue, including increased hair volume (since it takes up more space than scalp), no need for frequent touchups, and the ability to use any type or color of hair on your head (which would require touching up otherwise).

The cost of lace wig glue

Lace wig glue usually costs between $10-$20 per ounce. This small price tag makes it very affordable, since other types of high-quality glues (such as mousse) can cost almost twice as much.

Ways to apply lace wig glue

Many lace wearers choose to apply their glue to the scalp rather than directly on their hair. Doing so maximizes the amount of hair that can be glued onto each head, thus providing the highest number of benefits. Even though it’s advised that you don’t apply the gel directly to your scalp, most professional wearers do so because it creates a more perfect finish in comparison to applying it with your fingers.
Although the general consensus is that it’s best to apply your glue with a wand because it results in the most precise application, we prefer to use our fingers since many people find this method much easier and easier to achieve.

Some further benefits of using lace wig glue

Since lace wig glue is water-soluble and will dry in about 4–5 minutes (and typically lasts for 1–2 weeks), you’ll likely want to avoid putting it on your hair during the summer months or any type of humid weather. However, if you choose to make this exception, be sure you seal off your hair as soon as possible afterwards so as not to let moisture damage your glues’ effectiveness.

Lace wig glue removal

When removing the hair from your head, be sure to use some sort of oil to dissolve the glue. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a difficult time getting the hair off your head. The most commonly suggested oils for this process are olive oil, coconut oil, and baby oil.

The drawbacks of lace wig glue

The only real drawback associated with using lace wig glue is that it’s sticky and can be difficult to apply and remove. Despite these things, many women (and even some men) still choose to use it because it’s fast-drying time and ease of application make up for its stickiness.

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