Lady Gaga Wigs

How are you today and what wigs are you wearing?! Today’s blog is all about the best Lady Gaga wigs that you can buy online.

Who is Lady Gaga and What Kind of Wigs does She Love?

Lady Gaga is an American music superstar and talented actress who has won multiple awards including 11 Grammys and one Oscar.

Her love for diverse multicolored wigs is the epitome of paparazzi craze: platinum blonde, turquoise, and metallic colored.

If you want to recreate a Gaga look, this list with our handpicked best Lady Gaga wigs is for you!

Blonde Bob

1. WeKen Women’s Wig

Product Description: This Lady Gaga Blonde wig style was an exclusive Lady Gaga hairstyle during her 2009 “Fame Monster” renown. So, if you’re looking to adopt that look, then this wig is for you.

Lady Gaga Wigs blonde

Design and Quality: The wig is factory-made from platinum blonde heat-resistant artificial hair fibers. The texture is plain straight with full bangs.

Notable Features

  • Comes with a hairnet
  • Good fit for the average head size
  • Contains adjustable straps
  • Amazon’s Choice in the category of “Lady Gaga Costumes.”

2. Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig

Product Description: This two tone blonde wig is the hairstyle with which Lady Gaga made history at the 2010 Grammy Awards during the “Born This Way” days, when experimentation with colourful hair was somewhat a rarity. If you are looking to repeat history at whichever party, this is the wig for you.

Lady Gaga two tone wig

Design and Quality: As the name suggests, this wig is a tunefulness of two tints of yellow and blonde, and curls around your nape. It is perfect for making heads turn your way respectfully.

Notable Features

  • Good value for money
  • Versatile
  • One size only

Lady Gaga Yellow and Green

1. Falamka Mermaid Wig

Product Description: Make a statement with this unique yellow and green wig — your identity is not determined by the failure of your efforts just like Gaga! Her third studio album Artpop may have failed to achieve the level of stardom of her prior albums, still, it spawned several of Gaga’s trendsetting fashion looks. One of these was her elongated lustrous green and yellow locks.

Lady Gaga yellow and green wig

Design and Quality: The artificial tresses made from top-rate quality of Japanese Kanekalon fibers are distinctly soft to touch and mimics natural human hair closely. Also, they can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Notable Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable wig size
  • Not for anyone below five years

Pink Bob Wig

1. One Dor Bob Wig

Product Description: Who says Lady Gaga’s fashion is jarring? Remember her cute pink hair from the You and I craze of 2011? Adopt that look for yourself with this darling pink bob wig for your next cosplay convention or fancy dress party!

Lady Gaga pink bob wig

Design and Quality: The wig is made from premium quality of fully heat-friendly faux fibers. Furthermore, it is wispy to touch and has elastic straps and an elastic mesh-cap. Overall, this has been designed for maximum comfort.

Notable Features

  • Short hair length of 10.”
  • Easy to wash (use cold water and normal shampoo), and air dry in room temperature
  • Amazing bang for your money
  • Recyclable

Her Long Wavy and Straight Pink Hair

1. K’ryssma Fashion Long Wavy Pink Wig

Product Description: Gaga once flaunted long wavy pastel hair at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, where she bore a strong affinity to a corporate executive but in her way. If you want to adopt a similar business look, albeit with a bang, then this loose wavy wig is meant for you.

long wavy pink wig

Design and Quality: This wig has been made using intricate production techniques using double machine weft. Full premium quality fibers were used to give you a soft silken touch and tangle-free waves.

Notable Features

  • Easy to wear and dispose of
  • Heat-friendly so can be styled like normal hair
  • Can be used daily
  • No shedding

2. DAOTS Long Straight Wig

Product Description: Lady Gaga showed off her dapper hairstyle of long sleek straight pink hair with full bangs in her classic single “Pokerface” when it was released in 2008. This long wavy pink wig is similar to that signature look with a few differences, ideal if you’re looking for a more sophisticated feminine look.

long wavy pink wig

Design and Quality: There is a side-parting of wavy bangs with the long tresses curling near the end. The wig is manufactured using high-temperature faux fibers for natural softness and lightness.

Notable Features

  • 28″ long
  • Can be used daily
  • Breathable rose-net that can fit different head sizes

Can’s Wig

1. Rubie’s Store Cans Wig

Product Description: Not only is “Telephone” an iconic song from 2009 featuring two influential divas, but it also contains an infamous fashion image of Gaga styling her hair with cans! If you want to recreate that hairstyle, this fun Lady Gaga Cans wig is for you to buy.

Lady Gaga cans wig

Design and Quality: The wig consists of subtle blonde hair curled upwards using cans.

Notable Features

  • One size only
  • Versatile wig
  • Rubie’s Store is the only authorized seller of this

Mint Green

1. K’ryssma Wavy Bob Wig (ASIN: B07YZHN8ZG)

Product Description: One Gaga mint hairstyle that stands out amongst many is her loose mint waves during her infamous performance at the 2011 Much Music Awards. Though this mint green wig is slightly shorter than that hairstyle, it still bespeaks of Gaga vibes and would be great for daily use or a special event.

mint green wavy wig

Design and Quality: The wig is made from superior quality synthetic lace with an authentic hairline and has 150% density, which stops the wefts from showing and offers you hair that is pliant to touch and natural to look at. It’s also heat-resistant up to 32 F.

Notable Features

  • Comes with three combs, two elastic straps, and two wig caps
  • Awesome value for money
  • Wash with mildly conditioning water from the bottom to end then air dry
  • Glue less

Bottom Line

Lady Gaga is the pinnacle of bold fashion selections. With our list to guide you, you can be sure of keeping up with her and make a bold fashion statement yourself!

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