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Marceline is a character from the cult classic show Adventure Time. Her full title is Marceline the Vampire Queen, but you could just as easily call her Marceline, the bisexual gothic bass-playing rascal vampire queen. Today we’re on the hunt for the best Marceline wig and costume ideas.

Adventure Time, which ran for most of the 2010s, became beloved by children, teenagers and students alike for its whimsical comedy and brilliant characters, and its representation of LGBTQ+ people and relationships. Mareceline especially became a favourite, and she’s popular with cosplayers even years after the show has ended.

Marceline from Adventure Time

In contrast to most of the Adventure Time characters (including and especially her girlfriend, Princess Bubblegum), Marceline tends to dress in drab colours and has dull skin and dark hair. Her most famous accessory is a bass guitar which the character made from an ancient battle axe, and many dedicated cosplayers will find a way to include this in their costumes. And don’t forget about Hambo, Marceline’s teddy bear and ‘only friend’ (we can think of some people who might disagree with that). Her other features are a little easier, so read on for our best picks for a great Marceline cosplay!

Best Marceline Wig

best Marceline wig

One of Marceline’s most recognisable features is her long, smooth black hair. It changes through the series, but this wig is the most popular. In the show, Marceline’s hair comes almost down to her feet, but we think that this is a little impractical. Instead, we’ve got a wig that’s long enough to be noticeable, and looks great, but won’t get in your way quite so much.

24 inch Marceline Wig

Marceline wig

If you’d prefer something a little shorter and more wavy, this black wig will be perfect for you. This wig adds a little more volume and shape, which can really make your look stand out whilst staying true to Marceline’s design. The wig is synthetic, which helps keep it affordable and adds a cartoon-y flair to the cosplay.

Wavy Marceline Wig

wavy Marceline wig

Our final wig is a nice midpoint between the first and second options. It’s less curly than no.2, and not as long as no.1, but, like both of them, clearly belongs to Marceline. The wig itself is good quality: it’s thick and doesn’t get too reflective in photographs, but it can tangle so you might need to keep a comb close for touch-ups if you’re wearing it to a convention. Marceline has also rocked shorter hairstyles, so don’t forget that you can trim and arrange any of these wigs to suit those if you like!

Marceline Cosplay Ideas

There’s much more to Marceline than a wig: for a full cosplay outfit you’ll need to get some of her clothes, too! These are our top picks for Marceline inspired looks.

Unusually for a cartoon, most of the Adventure Time characters change their clothes relatively regularly. Marceline is no exception, and she consistently wears darker colours. Her clothes are also pretty standard for the 21st century — flannel, jeans, cowboy boots — which is a little surprising, when you consider that the show is set after the apocalypse.

Marceline Checked Flannel Shirt

Marceline shirt

Part of her regular clothing is checked shirts and flannel, like this. It’s comfortable and fitted, but not exposing and will make a nice cosplay look but could easily be re-used for everyday wear.

Vampire Teeth!

You really couldn’t dress as a vampire queen without some fangs. Marceline might not drink blood, but she’s got the teeth there and ready in case she ever does decide to go for someone’s neck. These stick onto your teeth (glue is not included) which is much more pleasant than the gum-shield like teeth you often get which stop you from being able to talk properly. Don’t forget to practice your toothiest smile!

Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans

Like the shirt, these jeans would be great for a Marceline cosplay or just daily use. They’re nicely cut and still skinny, which is a Marceline staple. You can get them in a variety of colours, but a mid to dark blue is most accurate for the character.

Cowboy Boots

Marceline Cowboy Boots

Finally, the boots. Let’s be honest: most of us don’t rock red cowboy boots on a daily basis- we’re not Ted Mosby or 2008 Taylor Swift. But Marceline very much does whatever she wants, and what she wants is to wear these. Red cowboy boots are often part of her outfits, and she’s worn them with dresses and jeans alike. Like the rest of this outfit, they’re comfortable and if you’re on your feet all day at a convention you won’t want something that’s going to hurt.

Marceline is a brilliant, funny character and has been an icon for many people. Getting to cosplay as her is a great way to enjoy your time at a convention and meet other Adventure Time fans, stay comfortable and try something new. Have fun!

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