Melanie Martinez Wig

Melanie Martinez Wig

Melanie Martinez is an American singer-songwriter who is famous for her songs ‘Sippy Cup’, ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Pity Party’. She was featured on the 2012 season of The Voice. Martinez has a distinct, childlike style that some fans like and want to copy. Her hair is usually dyed two different colours, split down the middle like her inspiration, villain of 101 Dalmatians, Cruella De Ville. To dress like her you will need a wig and one of her pinafore style dresses, and you could do some of her over the top doll-like makeup. Join us on our search for the best Melanie Martinez wig!

What is the Best Melanie Martinez Wig?

Melanie Martinez Wig

You could use this wig as a cosplay wig, but most of the other customers seem to like it because it can be worn regularly with a hat and means that they don’t have to dye their hair as much. Given how badly the chemicals in hair dye can dry out your hair, this is a good alternative and will save you time, money and effort. The fringe is a little long, but it’s easy to trim or restyle this if you like.

Melanie Martinez Wig

This wig is much like the first one, but slightly smaller and with a brighter pink side. The fringe is also styled differently. There is a neat divide between the colours, so if you’re styling it into pigtails or plaits you should be able to stop the colours from getting mixed up.

Melanie Martinez wigs

This wig advertises itself as a ‘Morticia’, but we don’t remember the iconic and incomparable Morticia Aadams ever rocking a hairstyle like this. This wig has a full, straight fringe and gentle waves that you could leave in or straighten out without much of an issue. The colours also look slightly darker than our previous wigs.

Melanie Martinez Wigs

This wig is back to the lighter shade of pink, but unlike the earlier versions the colours don’t seem to separate too well from each other and there is some muddling in the middle. The texture is quite light, too, so you may get some flyaways and mixing along the colour divide.

Melanie Martinez Web

Martinez has, of course, changed her hair over her career, and has occasionally worn different colours. This wig is much closer to Cruella De Ville, and combines a light cream colour with the usual black for a much more striking look. You should be careful, though, because the wig does shed a lot. This would work better for a one-off costume instead of an everyday look.

Melanie Martinez curly wig

We did check and no, this isn’t actually worn by anyone in Kiss. The tight curls and the shaggy masses are much more 1970s than the other wigs, and it gives a slightly chaotic impression, and, although you could straighten it out, we think it looks much better this way. If you cosplay or attend costume parties regularly, this could also work well for a Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) look.

short Melanie Martinez wig

Finally, we have a bobbed wig that fits sleekly around your face without much volume or any dimensions. The result is much smaller than our other wigs. It’s also a different colour, with an off-lavender with blue lowlights next to the black. Again, this wig could easily be reused and worn as a Moira Rose (Schitt’s Creek) costume.

Melanie Martinez Dress

Martinez’s music has often dealt with her depiction of herself as a strange, childlike caricature. Part of this is the dresses she wears, which are usually similar to clothes worn by infants.

Melanie Martinez Dress

This dress is a pinafore that isn’t exclusively worn by Martinez, and could probably become part of your normal wardrobe. Reviewers have reported that it’s a bit small, so you should look to order a size or two above what you’d usually wear. It’s a nice colour and you could match it to your wig, if you wanted.

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