Most beautiful Cities in England — Travel Guide

Amy Trumpeter
13 min readDec 26, 2022

I’ve lived in England for the majority of my life — other than short stints in South Africa (as a child) and Portugal. Although I hate the British weather with a passion, I love how much history we have here in England. It wasn’t until the Covid Pandemic hampered international travel that I decided to truly dedicate some time to exploring my own country. Why go abroad when there are so many amazing cities to see here in England? The most beautiful cities in England include Oxford, Cambridge, York and Bath. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to visit them all. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Travel Tips for visiting the Most beautiful Cities in England

Before we launch into my list of the Most beautiful Cities in England, here are some travel tips to get you started and help with your planning….

  • Pace yourself! — Remember that although the UK is quite small in comparison to the USA, it is still a fair distance between cities and you are better to do at least 3 days in each destination. So for example, if you only have 10 days, pick 3 cities max.
  • Focus on one area of England — Pick either the North or the South to devise your itinerary. For example, you could combine London, Oxford and Cambridge or perhaps cities of the North such as Manchester, York and Durham.
  • Travel by Train — Trains link most of these cities in England. Train travel is fast and comfortable here. It is cheaper if you book in advance online so download the Trainline app for this.
  • Wear sturdy walking boots — Many of the historical cities in the UK (such as York, Bath and Oxford) are very walkable so get your sturdy walking boots on (and break them in before your trip to avoid blisters).
  • Travel in the spring or summer — The best time to visit England is the spring or early summer when the weather is mild to warm and the crowds are fewer (summer holidays get packed).
  • Pack an umbrella and rain coat — Even in the summer months, the rain can fall at anytime in England so an umbrella and rain coat are essentials!
  • Take your Lonely Planet — Although there is plenty of information available online these days, I still love to have a hard copy of the…
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