My Patterdale Terrier is out of Control

Amy Green
8 min readDec 28, 2020
My Patterdale Terrier is out of Control

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Help! I hear you scream! My patterdale terrier is out of control! Don’t worry, I absolutely know how you feel. I have owned dogs all my life, and still my rescue Patterdale has beaten me! He is honestly improving all of the time, but still there are times when I think to myself — he’s out of control!

My Patterdale Terrier is out of Control!

Now, I’m not a qualified dog trainer, but I do have a passion for Patterdales. I know from my experience what has worked for our dogs and I’m happy to share.

My advice is first to get a good exercise plan in place, secondly to assess what is causing the crazy and out of control behaviour and finally to look at a positive reinforcement training regime to implement.

Get him EXERCISE and PLAY!

Of course, Patterdales are all very ‘wired’ for hunting and extremely high energy, so a lot of the time you will need to try to divert that energy into positive things that help them to spend it. Any training will be difficult to implement if your dog is not physically and mentally satisfied, so implement this before you move on to any other training methods.

Basically, get that energy out!

This could involve doing plenty of off lead runs. If your Patterdale cannot be control off-lead, then you could consider hiring an enclosed space — many farms have fields for hire such as Mutts Off Lead in Maghull.

You can also try different things that your Patterdale might enjoy such as chasing a toy on a flirt pole, This is a good thing to do because it satisfies the chase and hunt instinct that most Patterdales have.

flirt pole my patterdale is out of control

Some like to play fetch and if you have a dog that loves to do this you could get a Chuckit. This will make it easier for you to play fetch with your dog as you don’t have to bend down as…



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