Patterdale Terrier Grooming

Patterdales can be smooth or rough haired. The great news about owning a Patterdale terrier is that they do not need extensive grooming like some other breeds such as the bichon frise, poodle or Lhasa Apso. Patterdale terrier grooming should only need to be weekly, even fortnightly and it will be a simple procedure due to their short dense coat.

Short Haired Patterdale Grooming

A nice decent wire haired dog brush will be perfect for grooming your short haired patter dale terrier. Their coats do shed, and so it’s important to brush them regularly in the summer months to strip out the loose hair. Brush from the head downwards following the direction of the coat.

If you have a coarse haired patterdale, sometimes dampening the fur with a water spray can help you to get the tangles out easier.

Haircuts are not really necessary for patterdales, unless their hair grows long in between their toes, in which case you might want to trim it to stop them sliding across the laminate floor! A simple pair of dog grooming scissors will be perfect for that.

It’s not necessary to take your Patterdale to the grooming salon, but some owners choose to as they can make them look and smell really nice!

Patterdale Terrier Bathing

Patterdale terriers are generally ok with having a bath. Sure, some find it incredibly scary. In our experience some of our have loved their baths, some of them have been ok and some have down right hated it! Of course, it depends on the dog! Unless your patterdale has literally run through a mud pool, you won’t need to bath him or her more than every 3–6 months.

Patterdale’s are a good size for going in the bath, but you might prefer to wash him/her outside. If you choose outside baths think about only doing it in the summer months with luke warm water, otherwise it may be too cold for them (I’m UK based by the way, so this could be different in other countries and your location is something to consider).

It’s a good idea to brush your dog through before his/her bath because that will get rid of all the loose hair, rather than having it clog up your plug hole. Make sure that you buy a good dog shampoo. Blake likes Dirty Talk by Pet Head! There’s even special fox poo shampoo just in case your terrier loves to roll in that shit!!!

Remember to wash the dogs head last (or prepare to be drenched!) and certainly avoid getting any shampoo in his or her eyes. After bathing, you will probably need to towel dry your dog — and prepare for zoomies!!!!

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Originally published at on May 1, 2020.

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