Patterdale Terrier Kennel

Patterdale Terrier Kennel

You may be asking yourself why you need a kennel, well kennels may look uncomfortable to us, but for a dog they are a cosy den. Kennels work in hot or cold weather and they don’t need to live outside to own a kennel. Your dog will appreciate a cosy den outside where they can sit outside, cold or hot, when they want to.

How to find the right size of kennel

You will need to measure your dog in order to determine the right size of kennel for them. To get the length of the kennel, measure your dog from nose to tail and then add around 3 inches. For the height you will need to measure your dog from the top of their head, to the ground, or from the tip of their ears to the ground if they have ears that stick up. Then add a couple of inches. To get the width of the kennel, measure from your dogs two shoulders and then add 5 inches or so. A small crate of around 24L x 18W x 21H should fit a patterdale terrier nicely. But if you have the space, then a larger kennel won’t go a miss.

Raised floor

When looking for a dog house, finding one with a raised floor is important. Heat of course rises from the ground and so investing in a dog house that lifts the house off the ground is an important factor when buying a safe dog house that will work effectively for your pet. However, failing to find one, it is easy enough to stick a couple of bricks underneath a dog house in order to raise it from the ground. It is also important to find a dog house that has at least one air vent. Good ventilation will make sure that the dog house circulates cool air rather than being clammy and dangerous to your dog during the hot summer months.


When it comes to materials, wood is recommended, particularly redwood or cedar as it prevents the floor from rotting. Metal and plastic houses are not a very good option when choosing a dog house, this is because they both conduct temperatures easier than wood, but also because plastic when exposed to lots of sun may deteriorate. Wooden houses are the best option as they offer good ventilation during the summer and winter months. However, wooden houses don’t tend to last as long as plastic ones, but they are still the best option when looking for a safe, and effective dog house to keep your pet safe during the hot summer months. You should also check that your dog house comes with insulation. Insulation helps to prevent heat from transferring into the dog house during the summer months, but it also helps to prevent the cold from getting into the dog house during winter. However, you can always purchase ventilation kits that you can add to the dog house. Foam is great for using as insulation, just add it to the inner walls and roof, making sure to leave the ventilation gaps uncovered.


When placing your dog house, make sure that you put it in a naturally shaded area. Placing your dog house in the sun will not be effective in cooling your dog, so make sure you put it in an area that is in the shade for most of the day.


You should also make sure to clean the dog house, preferably the end of each season. So when purchasing a dog house, make sure that your dog house is easy to clean. Of course plastic dog houses are easiest to clean, but you can get wooden ones that are also easy to access.

Here are some of the best kennels available on Amazon:

Pets Imperial® Pets Imperial® Extra Large Insulated Wood Norfolk Dog Kennel with Removable Base for Easy Cleaning

  • Insulation on the front and all side walls (2 sides and back). Insulation is made of wood (tongue and groove) 1.2 cm thick, then 1.3 cm styrofoam, then 0.2 cm plywood panel. Keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. Walls 150% thicker than other kennels.
  • External dimensions of the Norfolk dog kennel: 116 cm (46 inches) width x 79 cm (31 inches) depth x 81 cm (32 inches). Internal dimensions: 101.5 cm/40 inches (W) x 63 cm/25 inches (D) x 66 cm/26 inches (H).
  • Removable base for easy cleaning, maintenance and pest control. Roof that opens with 2 locking arms.
  • Planed base, 5 cm ground clearance, allows air to circulate under kennel to keep the floor dry and comfortable.
  • Made from animal friendly treated wood, designed to last for years. Feet of kennel covered by red freely adjustable plastic cap. The height of the kennel legs is adjustable.

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This wooden kennel is stylish and it can be easily cleaned with the hinged roof and removable panels. There is insulation making it perfect for both winter and summer and it claims that the wood is 150% thicker than other kennels. The ground of the kennel is raised so that it can allow for better air circulation and it also keeps the kennel floor dry.

Plastic Dog Kennel Pet Shelter Plastic Durable Outdoor — Color Brown

  • Treat your pet with this stylish and modern Kennel that can be used as a summer or winter house/shelter.
  • Comes in 2 colours — made from plastic so perfect for all year round. Strong, Durable Plastic, that is also waterproof/damp proof & hygenic.
  • Plastic doesn’t rot, especially the tough moulded plastic that is used to manufacture this kennel — it will stay looking good for years.
  • A Large Kennel that comprises of 6 plastic panels, that simply slot into each other and clip into place — no need for any tools. This hygienic and non absorbent material means it’s easy to keep clean.
  • Approx Dimensions: 72cm (W) x 71.5cm (D) x 68cm (H)


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This kennel is made from plastic which means that it is easy to clean. It is not raised meaning that the air circulation isn’t great. It does have a plastic covering for a floor though. The insulation of this kennel doesn’t appear great either, but it does still provide better cover than outside, so it’s good for when your dog needs shade or wants to be out of the rain.

Pets Imperial® Medium Wooden Sussex Dog Kennel With Removable Floor For Easy Cleaning B

  • External dimensions of Sussex Dog Kennel: 78cm (31") Width x 88cm (35") (Depth) x 79cm (31") Height. The Internal dimensions: 62cm (24") Width x 68cm (27") Depth x 66cm (26") Height.
  • Removable Floor for easy cleaning, maintance and pest control. Roof that opens, with 2 locking arms.
  • Aluminium anti-chew strips around the pop-hole. Draught shield fitted at Kennel entrance to stop high winds. Raised floor, allows air to circulate under Kennel keeping the floor dry and comfortable.
  • Feet of Kennel covered by rot adjustable plastic cap.
  • The height of the dog kennel legs is adjustable this allows your Medium Sussex Kennel to be level, even on uneven ground.

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This wooden kennel is in a stylish shape and the roof opens up on both sides to make the kennel easy to access and clean. The floor is raised, providing good air circulation, and the floor can also be removed for easy cleaning. There are also flaps on the door of the kennel to allow for better cover.

Easipet Plastic Dog Kennel Weatherproof for Indoor and Outdoor Use (940)- Only Far East Direct UK supplies branded item Product code FED 21940

  • Plastic Dog Kennel Suitable For Small And Medium Size Dogs
  • Lasts for Years, Easy to Clean and Maintainance Free!
  • Raised Floor for Better Insulation
  • Overall dimensions: 75cm depth x 59cm width x 66cm high
  • Door dimensions: 26cm width x 41cm high


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This simple plastic kennel is raised so that it provides better air circulation. There are also air vents in the kennel for air circulation as well. Plastic is easy to clean but the only access to the kennel is through the front door which may be tricky.



  • Ventilation slots: yes (front and rear always open)
  • Construction: weatherproof plastic
  • Medium Kennel Size: 660mm H X 750mm D x 600mm W approx ,Entrance size: 490mm D x 390mm W approx ( FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM DOGS)
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Made of durable plastic


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This is the same as the kennel before, except it is a larger size. This plastic kennel is raised from the ground which is hard to find among plastic kennels, this is a good thing because it helps with air circulation and insulation. There are also air vents which help with the air circulation as well. The access is difficult in terms of cleaning, but plastic is an easily cleanable material.

POLLY Quality Plastic Dog Kennel — Easy Assembly Suitable for Both Indoors and Outdoors — Easy to Clean with Lots of Air Slits (Size 1 : 74 x 60 x 66 cm L x W x H)

  • This Dog Kennel is made from durable high quality plastic.
  • Easy assembly with the plug-in system.
  • Excellent ventilation due to numerous air slats and vents.
  • Easy and hygienic to clean.
  • Protection from fleas and mites.


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This plastic kennel is similar to the two prior kennels. It is raised from the ground meaning that it has good circulation and better insulation, the air vents also help with this. There is even a roof flap that can be opened and closed and can allow for more air circulation during the summer. It is difficult to access for cleaning and can only be accessed through the front door. However, it is plastic and this makes it easy to clean.

Trixie 39530 Natura Dog Kennel S 71 x 77 x 76 cm

  • Glazed pine
  • Mineral surface roofing felt
  • Legs protect against damp and cold from the ground and provide good air circulation below the kennel
  • Feet adjustable in height provide secure stand


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This kennel is made of natural wood and has a raised floor to allow for better air circulation and to keep the floor dry. The only access to this kennel for cleaning is through the front door so it can’t be easily cleaned. However, it is a strong and durable kennel.

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