Patterdale Terrier Weight

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readJul 20, 2020

The Patterdale Terrier has its origins as a working terrier with heaps of stamina. They were originally bred to run all day with the foot packs of the Lake District and have a lighter, sleeker appearance than the other terriers from the area. There used to be a saying about the working Jack Russell and Patterdale Terrier that the ideal Terrier should be 12" high x 12 inch girth and weigh 12lbs. Give or take lb either way across the three. Of course all of that has changed with metrification and the changes bred into the Jack Russell terrier since it became the Parsons Terrier. But the Patterdale terrier weight and sizing has remained more constant. However, it is important to remember that there is variation in the breed.

Expected Patterdale Terrier Weight

Your Patterdale Terrier is expected to weigh around 12lbs or just short of 6kg. However, and this is a big however, the Patterdale is an active little dog and just like us the fitter the dog and the more muscle it has the heavier it will be.

Expect an average Patterdale Terrier weight to be around 5kg-10kg, but it is not really about the weight. A healthy Patterdale looks healthy; they offer a sleek, athletic appearance with a well defined shape, alert eyes and ears and everything in proportion, and having a ready for anything stance. A healthy Patterdale looks fit.


Everyone will tell you that Patterdale’s make great pets and they do, but they also need exercise and not only for their physical wellbeing they need to work those little brain boxes as well! They make great pets for those with horse stables or smallholdings and they’ll happily occupy themselves keeping the place rodent free.

For the urban owner or potential owner that does not have several acres, it is still easy to keep your Patterdale fit and healthy. Just don’t think of them as a little dog with little exercise requirements. They will love playtime in the garden with a ball or Frisbee and definitely need at least two walks a day and if you go mountain biking or running, take the Patterdale he’ll thank you for it. In fact why not take up Canicross with your Patterdale? A great way for you both to stay fit. They also often excel at agility.

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