Positive Dog Training for Terriers

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readDec 6, 2020
Positive Dog Training for Terriers

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There are many different dog training techniques out there, some which even involve harsh tactics such as prong collars and electric collars. We are not a fan of harsh methods and we like to use positive dog training with rewards for good behaviour. Harsh methods can instill fear and break the bond that you have with your dog.

Positive dog training is quickly becoming the preferred method of training dogs. In this article you will learn more about positive dog training techniques, please read on.

What is Positive Dog Training?

Positive dog training is all about reward that happens when your dog displays desirable behaviour or when it performs a command correctly.

Most dogs aim to please their owners and so they will continue to repeat praised behaviour pretty quickly. Positive reinforcement don’t have to be treats every time, you can use a fuss, praise in words or his favourite toy as a reward as well.

Examples of Positive Dog Training Methods

Toilet Training

For example, if you are house training your dog then you would reward your dog with a treat within 5 seconds of him peeing outside. When you repeat this he/she will quickly realise that this is the place to go and make a habit of it. There is no point in shouting at or spanking your dog for peeing inside the house, because you will be telling him off after it’s already been done and so the dog won’t associate the scolding or shouting with the wee or the poo! If you catch him in the act you can quickly put him outside and then he should continue to do it there.


Positive dog training methods are great for getting intelligent dogs to learn basic obedience and tricks. You can teach your dogs the basics first such as sit, down and stand. You can then progress to more impressive dog tricks such as beg, stand, spin and roll over. If your dog gets a treat when he does the trick he will repeat it and then you can…

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