Puppy Training Spray

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4 min readAug 7, 2020
Puppy Training Spray

The first thing that new puppy or dog owners worry about is how to get their pup or pooch to go to the toilet in the right place. How long to train him to go outisde for his wees and poos? The good news is that it is relatively quick and easy to toilet train a dog. Most adult dogs can be toilet trained in just a few days (usually 3–5 days is enough for them to learn!) but of course this can be much longer with puppies. That’s where a puppy training spray may come in useful.

Reward Based Training

It’s always best to train your dog using reward based training, and so as soon as your puppy or dog wees or poos in the right place you can give them a treat immediately (within 5 seconds) and a big fuss to reinforce that this is good behaviour. Our Blake picked it up within 3 days and then started asking us for the loo (by barking at us or crying and running to the door). We literally used one or two sprays of a training spray on grass combined with the reward method and he got it!

Toilet Training Puppies

Now it’s more of a challenge with puppies as most of them need be mainly inside first, depending on their injections and the accessibility of outside space. You can use a puppy training spray or puppy pads to show them where to go indoors. A puppy training spray and puppy pads have natural scents that mimic pheromones that dogs like to sniff and wee on. Of course it’s totally possible for puppies to be trained without toilet training sprays and pads, but many dog owners will tell you that it can speed up the process.

How to use a Puppy Training Spray

Many people use a puppy training spray on newspaper and then slowly move the newspaper towards the door until it is outside and that’s when they start going in the yard. That could be a process of around 3–7 days depending on the age of your puppy and on your property.

If you are training your pup to go straight outside, you could be in for many sleepless nights as you will need to be available to open the back door for your puppy every time he or she needs to go!

Which Puppy Training Spray should I use?

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