Reasons To Own A Patterdale Cross

Reasons To Own A Patterdale Cross

The last few decades has shown us that cross breeding the Patterdale Terrier is not just beneficial for overall canine health, but also how the careful selection of parents can create new and wonderful hybrid pups.

From Patterpoos to Patterjacks, a crossbred Patterdale is a fantastic, lively and energetic addition to any household. Not only do such crosses retain some of the qualities of the Patterdale Terrier, but a Patterdale Terrier cross will also exhibit characteristics and physical attributes of their other parent breed.

Health Benefits

There are many reasons that cross breeding Patterdales is beneficial. Breed health is important, and each breed has heath issues that they are susceptible to. Cross breeding can lower the possibility of puppies developing breed-specific medical conditions, as there is much more diversity within their gene pool.

Patterdales are prone to certain conditions which other breeds are not, so crossing a Patterdale with one such breed, means there is a chance some of the puppies will be less susceptible to those same health issues.

Patterdale Cross Staffy

Prey Drive

Crossbreeding can dilute the prey drive of the Patterdale, provided the other breed does not also have a high chase instinct. There is no guarantee that all crossbred puppies will have a reduced prey drive, but the potential is certainly there.

Dog Allergies

If the Patterdale is bred with a low shedding breed like a Poodle, there is a good chance some of the puppies will also have a low shedding coat. This is commonly called ‘hypoallergenic’ although this term is technically incorrect.

All dogs shed, but some shed much less than others, so there is less dander to trigger an allergic reaction. Patterpoos are sometimes seen as a ‘hypoallergenic’ Patterdale hybrid and have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Patterpoo puppies will have a low shedding coat, however, some do retain the Patterdale coat, which is much heavier to shed.

Patterdale Cross Advantages

Terrier breeds are great with children, if socialised correctly, so the appeal for crossing a terrier breed is significant. Their small size, friendly disposition and gentle nature makes them perfect family pets.

Patterdales are an intelligent breed and this often shows through in crosses, especially if the other parent is also a terrier breed. Additionally, crossing a Patterdale with a non-terrier breed can help to dilute the Patterdale’s stubbornness.

Working Dogs

It has become increasingly common for law enforcement to train and utilise terrier cross breeds. A Patterdale/Cocker Spaniel cross, for example, makes an excellent detection dog. They are smaller in size to the Cocker Spaniel, but just as effective at search and detection, plus retaining the Patterdale’s determination and eagerness to please.

Final Thoughts on the Patterdale Terrier Cross

Whatever the reason for crossbreeding, the Patterdale Terrier has many qualities that make Patterdale crosses such wonderful dogs. Whether they retain certain Patterdale characteristics or the breeding process dilutes others, you will definitely benefit from welcoming a Patterdale crossbreed into your heart and home.

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Originally published at on August 10, 2020.

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