Scary spice wig

Scary Spice: musician, judge, style icon. Since 1994, Scary Spice has been all over the pop culture scene in the UK, America and around the world. Scary Spice rose to prominence with her girl group, the Spice Girls, and they went on to become the best selling girl group of all time. Seen as icons, each of the Spice Girls has gone on to influence fashion, music and culture both individually and as a band, and people love to dress up as them for ’90s themed parties and events.

After the Spice Girls split up, Scary Spice went on to release her own music, worked as a judge on the X Factor, became a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and presented Lip Sync Battles. She’s reunited with her fellow spices for a few shows, most famously in the London 2012 Olympics. As one might expect, Scary Spice has changed her hair a few times over her career, from rocking an afro and natural hair back in her Spice Girl days, and she’s most recently changed it to relaxed hair of various lengths. (Clara’s note — could we include some pictures?)

If you’d like to dress up as Scary Spice, getting the right wig is crucial. We’ve curated a list of different wigs for you to try so you can get the perfect outfit. Don’t forget to bring the leopard print — another Scary Spice staple!

Curly Scary Spice Wig

scary spice wig

Let’s start with a curly wig. Closely resembling natural hair, this synthetic wig is perfect for coordinated Halloween costumes or just for a ’90s nostalgia night. Grab some of your friends and work out who gets to be which spice — things may get heated — and have fun! The curls stay nice and bouncy, and customers have praised it and said that it’s easy to wear and maintain.

Amsan Scary Spice Wig with Buns

scary spice wig with Buns

Remember when we used to wear little buns at the front of our heads, not at the back? More horns, less space buns, we think. This wig is much darker in colour than the first, and the curls are much tighter. You can straighten or restyle it, but this is pretty close to some of Scary Spice’s looks and why would you mess with the perfection?

Short Curly Brown and Blond Scary Spice Wig

blond and brown curly scary spice wig

This two-tone wig is gorgeous enough that we might just wear it the day after the party, too! The curls are looser than the second wig, but it’s still a great look that Scary Spice would rock — and now so can you! It’s also adjustable, so you can fit it nicely over your own hair, and it’s made to be breathable and comfortable so you don’t have to worry about itchiness or displacing it.

Best Scary Spice Wig

best scary spice wig

Finally, we have another two-tone wig. Unlike our earlier options which faded from one colour into another for an ombre look, this has lighter highlights and darker lowlights that help give the wig dimension and authenticity. Other customers have used this wig specifically for Scary Spice costumes, and claim that it was fairly easy to get it to look just like Scary Spice’s hair. This is definitely the best scary spice wig we could find online!

Scary Spice Costume

Of course, a good Scary Spice costume is much more than a wig. Take some time to look at her old outfits, and check back some ’90s fashions. When each of the Spice Girls got their nicknames they started dressing more like them and playing into that ‘type’, and for Scary Spice this meant standing up for herself and being outspoken. Don’t mess with her!

scary spice trousers

One of the things Scary Spice was most famous for wearing was a lot of animal print. We’ve found these trousers which are nicely flared and have a leopard-inspired design, and actually look a lot like the outfit Sporty Spice’s barbie wears. Couple them with some platform boots, dark eyeliner (or light blue!) and get ready to zig-a-zig ah!

The Spice Girls are always a great group costume. You could go for Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)’s cool black and detachment (and don’t forget to turn your microphone off..), Baby Spice (Emma Bunton)’s cutesy looks, Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell)’s um, early departure from the group (click the link for Ginger Spice looks HERE), Sporty Spice (Melanie Chisholm)’s tracksuits or our own Scary Spice (Melanie Brown/Mel B)! The important thing is to have fun, and at some point try to sing ‘Wannabe’. Preferably quite badly and very, very loud. Enjoy!

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