Scary spice wig

Amy Trumpeter
5 min readJan 29, 2021
Scary spice wig

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Scary Spice: musician, judge, style icon. Since 1994, Scary Spice has been all over the pop culture scene in the UK, America and around the world. Scary Spice rose to prominence with her girl group, the Spice Girls, and they went on to become the best selling girl group of all time. Seen as icons, each of the Spice Girls has gone on to influence fashion, music and culture both individually and as a band, and people love to dress up as them for ’90s themed parties and events.

After the Spice Girls split up, Scary Spice went on to release her own music, worked as a judge on the X Factor, became a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and presented Lip Sync Battles. She’s reunited with her fellow spices for a few shows, most famously in the London 2012 Olympics. As one might expect, Scary Spice has changed her hair a few times over her career, from rocking an afro and natural hair back in her Spice Girl days, and she’s most recently changed it to relaxed hair of various lengths. (Clara’s note — could we include some pictures?)

If you’d like to dress up as Scary Spice, getting the right wig is crucial. We’ve curated a list of different wigs for you to try so you can get the perfect outfit. Don’t forget to bring the leopard print — another Scary Spice staple!

Curly Scary Spice Wig

scary spice wig

Let’s start with a curly wig. Closely resembling natural hair, this synthetic wig is perfect for coordinated Halloween costumes or just for a ’90s nostalgia night. Grab some of your friends and work out who gets to be which spice — things may get heated — and have fun! The curls stay nice and bouncy, and customers have praised it and said that it’s easy to wear and maintain.

Amsan Scary Spice Wig with Buns

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