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Brushing and grooming your dog is an important part of looking after your dog efficiently. It gets rid of tangles, it keeps your dog’s coat shiny and clean, it stops pet hair from getting onto your clothes and furniture, and it gives your dog a massage that activates your pets natural oils and promotes a healthy coat. However, different types of brushes work best for different types of dogs. The slicker brush works best for a Patterdale Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier. But what is a slicker brush and why does it work best?

Getting the right brush type for your pet is crucial to happy grooming. The type of brush also alters your dog’s enjoyability of the grooming experience. You will find that when you find the right type of brush that your dog will enjoy being brushed more.

What are slicker brushes?

Slicker brushes have short wires that are fine and close together. There are different types of slicker brushes available on the market, but it is important to find one with a flexible enough handle as this will help to make the grooming experience easier for you. They remove knots, tangles, and mats in your dog’s fur, keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Slicker brushes can be quite spiky, so when using them it is important to be gentle and to not press too hard on the brush.

How to brush properly with a slicker brush

As mentioned, slicker brushes tend to be quite jaggy and may hurt your dog if not used properly. A good way to brush your dog is to brush them gently with soft and short strokes so as not to hurt your dog and to keep them calm. You will also be best to brush your dog slowly with a slicker brush from neck to tail. You should avoid using the slicker brush on your dog’s face and head as it is quite harsh and may cause your dog discomfort. A comb or a bristle brush will work best on your dog’s head and face.

KW SMART Soft Slicker Brush Small, 6 x 14 cm, Black

  • Slicker brushes
  • Soft
  • Small. 6 x 14 cm
  • Model number: 3380
  • slicker brushes


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This is Amazon’s choice for a slicker brush. It is quite small in size so it is perfect for smaller dogs, but also great for focusing on knots and tangles. The handle of the brush is quite thick so that may be a concern, but it does appear to be flexible enough.


Pecute Slicker Dog Brushes,Self Cleaning Pet Grooming Brush- Removes 90% of Dead Undercoat and Loose Hairs,Suitable for Medium and Long Haired Dogs Cats

  • ★5 APPLICATIONS: 1. Combs and Removes dead fur. 2. Loosens tangles and knots. 3. Helps to prevent future fur loss. 4. Increases blood circulation. 5. Reduces up to 90% of fur loss.
  • ★ EASY TO CLEAN: The round, green button on the handle operates a very simple and yet ingenious mechanism for releasing all the dead fur and debris that the brush picks up. The retractable bristle design keeps the grooming brush safe and easy to store in your grooming kit when it is not in use.
  • ★ TEETH,ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The stainless steel teeth are designed to penetrate the fur and comb/smooth the fur. The ergonomic handle makes everyday use comfortable by ensuring a good grip.
  • ★ SUITABLE TYPES OF PETS: This brush is suitable for animals- especially dogs with medium and long fur. It is not suitable for animals with very short hair since the brush teeth are a little thin and may feel sharp.
  • ★ TIPS: Please keep the brush away from children and animals when not in use. You should not brush too hard as it may hurt your pet. Before combing your pet make sure there are no cuts or sores on the body as this may also hurt when you comb over them.


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The Pecute slicker brush is fairly large and robust looking. The benefit of this brush is that you can click the button on the handle and it will release all of the dead fur that your brush has collected, making it easy for cleaning. The only downfall of this brush is that it is quite chunky which makes it less flexible.

ACE2ACE Slicker Dog Comb Brush, Pet Grooming Brush, Daily Use to Clean Loose Fur & Dirt, Great for Dogs and Cats With Medium Long Hair — Blue

  • ️ 【Friendly Protect Pet Skin】ACE2ACE Comb Brushes have rounded tips design, which won’t be too sharp to scratch the pet skin when using. Much better than other comb brushes.
  • ️ 【Professional Care】1. Loosens pet tangles and knots. 2. Grooming and removes dead fur. 3. Prevent future pet fur loss. 4. Increases pet body blood circulation. 5. Pet’s fur loss will reduced almost 90%.
  • ️ 【Easy Hair removed With One Key】After finishing the job, just need simply push the blue button, and the pet hair will be released easily.
  • ️ 【High Quality and Comfortable】ACE2ACE Comb Brushes use safety environmental protection material ABS. Ergonomic handle with anti-skid groove, which prevents hand fatigue and discomfort during using.
  • ️ 【More Tips】Please keep away from children and animals when not using. You should not brush too hard or it may hurt your pet. Please make sure there are no cuts or sores on your pet’s body as this may also hurt when grooming over them.


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The ACE2ACE brush is slightly less robust than the Pecute brush and it also offers the button to release the dead fur easily. The ends of this brush also have rubber dots that claim to make grooming more comfortable for your dog and to massage them better. Although it is not as robust as the Pecute brush, it is still fairly chunky and doesn’t offer great flexibility.

Rosewood Soft Protection Salon Grooming Slicker Brush, Small — grey/orange

  • Slicker Brush (Small) with ergonomic hand grip
  • Removes matts tangles and loose hair
  • Reduces moulting with regular use.
  • For dematting medium/long coats


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The Rosewood brush is relatively simple in style, but instead of having a flat section for the wires, it is rounded so that the wires sit in a curve. This curve makes the brush more flexible and allows you to brush your dog easier. The back of the brush also features a comb, so it can brush your dog’s body and face/head efficiently.

PAKEWAY Cat Dog Grooming Brush, Kitten Slicker Brush, Pet Self Cleaning Shedding Brush Massage Combs for Cats and Dogs with Short, Medium & Long Hair (Pink)

  • ️ 【HUMANIZED PET BRUSH】The de-shedding brushes have stainless steel needles with a 60-degree bend and some elasticity which will remove up dead hair and knotted hair from your cat and dog’s coat easily within minutes!
  • ️ 【EASY TO CLEAN】Each time you use the massage comb to comb your pet, you can easily release the pet hair collected on the Self Cleaning brush with the push of a button.
  • ️ 【PET CARE】The head of the slicker brush uses a soft rubber cap to care for pet skin, Increases pet body blood circulation, The design that prevents static electricity and protects pet hair.
  • ️ 【EXCELLENT MATERIAL】High-quality stainless steel needles, which will not be deformed for a long time, environmentally-friendly handles, and rubber non-slip mats, Ergonomic structure design, combing pet’s hair is more labor-saving.
  • ️ 【AFTER-SALES SERVICE】Quality problems occur within 12-month and new products are exchanged, or 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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The PAKEWAY brush has a circular design and it also features a button that allows you to remove dead hair from the brush easily. The brush does not look very flexible due to its shape and size and there are other brushes on this list with the button push function that allow more flexibility.

GROOM PROFESSIONAL Double Sided Flexible Slicker Grooming Brush — Soft

  • Designed to provide more comfortable brushing for you and your pet
  • Flexible head moves with the curve of the body and your wrist
  • Provides effective brushing
  • Suitable for soft and fine coats, or pets with sensitive skin
  • Perfect for everyday grooming


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This brush is incredibly flexible, the head moves and curves with the shape of the dog’s body allowing for easier grooming for your dog and causing less strain on your wrist.

Wahl Gel Handle Nylon Slicker Brush Small


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The Wahl brush sits at an angle which makes flexibility easier for a more comfortable groom. The handle is made of gel which adds to your comfort and overall grip. The brush has ball pins that make your dog’s experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible, massaging their coat and making sure that the thin pins don’t cause them discomfort.

LAWRENCE Original Slicker Brush, Large

  • Firm pin pad for coarse coated breeds
  • Light aluminium constuction with round corners
  • Beech wood handle
  • Head size 12.5 x 8.0 cm (5" x 3¼")
  • Made in england


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The Lawrence slicker brush is a classic slicker brush with a wooden handle. They claim that their product is the first choice for grooming professionals. Perhaps simplicity is key when it comes to grooming.

LAWRENCE Tender Care Slicker Brush, Small

  • Soft cushioned pin pad for fine coats
  • Light aluminium constuction with round corners
  • Beech wood handle
  • Head size 9.0 x 4.8 cm (3½" x 1¾")
  • Made in england


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Another Lawrence brush, this brush offers extra flexibility with the tilted head of the brush. It makes sure that you have a comfortable grooming experience as well as the dog. The tilted head makes it easier to brush your dog’s coat properly and Lawrence claims to be the top choice for professional groomers.

Claw Claws Pet Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats, Wooden Handle with Stainless Steel Soft Pins, Gently Remove Tangled, Loose Undercoat and Mats Hair, Pet Grooming Brush, Soft Pin Brush Tool.

  • 【Stainless Steel with Soft Bent Pins】-The slicker brush with the soft bent pins can penetrate into your pets’ fur and coat without scratching and irritating skin. It not only can gently and effectively remove loose undercoat, tangles, knots, and mats but also suitable for use after bathing or at the end of the grooming process.
  • 【Elastic Rubber Pad】-The pin brush with an elastic rubber pad that can provide more comfortable for your dogs or cats to also make them more protective when combing.
  • 【Improves Overall Pets Health】-Gently massage your pets make to stimulate skin and hair follicles, naturally activate blood circulation. The slicker brush perfects for finishing and fluffing, make your pets more lovely and healthy under safety grooming.
  • 【Easy to Use with Curved Wooden Handle】-The brush tool with streamline design will let you save effort to hold and easy to use. Besides giving your pets more comfortable grooming experience, you too.
  • 【Strict Quality Control and Production Process】-The texture of pet grooming brushes made in Taiwan. It is strong and durable under strictly produce processes to ensure good quality.


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Similar to the prior Lawrence brush, this brush also has a tilted head and a wooden handle that gives you extra flexibility while grooming your dog. This brush also has an elastic rubber pad where the pins sit, making the brush easier to clean and more comfortable for your pet.

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