Slicker Brush

Amy Trumpeter
9 min readMar 19, 2021
Slicker Brush

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Brushing and grooming your dog is an important part of looking after your dog efficiently. It gets rid of tangles, it keeps your dog’s coat shiny and clean, it stops pet hair from getting onto your clothes and furniture, and it gives your dog a massage that activates your pets natural oils and promotes a healthy coat. However, different types of brushes work best for different types of dogs. The slicker brush works best for a Patterdale Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier. But what is a slicker brush and why does it work best?

Getting the right brush type for your pet is crucial to happy grooming. The type of brush also alters your dog’s enjoyability of the grooming experience. You will find that when you find the right type of brush that your dog will enjoy being brushed more.

What are slicker brushes?

Slicker brushes have short wires that are fine and close together. There are different types of slicker brushes available on the market, but it is important to find one with a flexible enough handle as this will help to make the grooming experience easier for you. They remove knots, tangles, and mats in your dog’s fur, keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Slicker brushes can be quite spiky, so when using them it is important to be gentle and to not press too hard on the brush.

How to brush properly with a slicker brush

As mentioned, slicker brushes tend to be quite jaggy and may hurt your dog if not used properly. A good way to brush your dog is to brush them gently with soft and short strokes so as not to hurt your dog and to keep them calm. You will also be best to brush your dog slowly with a slicker brush from neck to tail. You should avoid using the slicker brush on your dog’s face and head as it is quite harsh and may cause your dog discomfort. A comb or a bristle brush will work best on your dog’s head and face.

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