Smart Home Ideas

In the age of technology that we live in it’s a fantastic time to turn your home into a Smart Home. Technology such as Hive heating, camera doorbells and smartphone operated light bulbs can make your life easier and your home more secure. Here are our top smart home ideas

1. Hive Heating

When winter comes around, most of us are looking for ways to keep our houses cosy and warm without overspending on heating. Hive Heating is the solution! It’s managed through an app on your phone, and you can manage the times and temperature your home is heated, even when you’re not there. This can be really useful if you’re on holiday and the weather changes unexpectedly- the last thing anyone wants to come back to is frozen pipes and leaks! Plus, Hive pays for itself within a year: by only heating your home when it’s needed and controlling it carefully, you could save £120 per year, and the box itself only costs £99. Hive is a great way to save money, save the planet and make your home smart. It’s one of our top smart home ideas.


Hive Active Heating Thermostat Without Professional Installation — Works with Amazon Alexa

  • Heating Boost — For up to six hours
  • Heating Schedules — Set up to 6 daily time slots
  • Automatic Frost Protection — Helps prevent frozen pipes
  • Holiday Mode — Tell Hive your holiday dates and come back to a warm home
  • Temperature Graphs — Keep track of how you’re using your heating


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2. Roombas

Remember those electronic dogs every child wanted in the early 2000s? Well, they grew up and now they bring you the paper! I’m only joking- we’ve all grown up, and now we want a smart pet who does the hoovering for us. Roombas roll around your house, cleaning the floors and generally being the cleaning fairies your parents said weren’t real. Roombas can be reprogrammed to work when you’re out, and adjust when your pets start moulting or it’s especially dusty. They’re a good, easy way to improve your home and keep it shiny and clean.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connected and programmable via app, Black

  • 3-Stage cleaning system picks up everything from small particles to large debris, to pet hair
  • The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically adapts its height to keep the dual multi-surface brushes in close contact with different floor surfaces, to effectively clean carpets as well as hard floors
  • Dirt detect sensors recognize concentrated areas of dirt and prompt the robot to clean them more thoroughly
  • No smart home hub required


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3. Google Nest Mini

If you live alone and chat out loud to yourself, sometimes you might want a response. From a robot, not a robber! Google Nest Mini is a Google-enabled device that can find answers for you, from weather forecasts to random questions that pop into your mind. It’s hands free, so it can talk you through a recipe whilst you’re cooking- no more dough on your smartphone screen- and play music and podcasts with a decent sound quality. The only issue- and this has happened- is if you use it to order food, parrots may repeat your order and you might end up with random deliveries!

4. KRUPS KM785D50 Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker

Not a morning person? Don’t speak to you until you’ve had your coffee? How about a smart coffee maker, which makes the perfect cup in time for your sleepy stumble through the kitchen. This can be programmed to have a cup of coffee ready at a specific time each day, and can make it exactly how you want it. You can even choose how strong it is! Plus, this model grinds the beans freshly each morning, giving the coffee a richer, deeper flavour. Delicious!

5. Smart Light Bulbs

They’re not cheap, and it takes a while to get used to them, but Smart Light bulbs are really useful. You can schedule when your lights come on, and when they turn off, so you’re woken up to a lit house every morning. And there’s no worrying about going room to room and switching them all off before bed. You can also get bulbs that change colour, which is fun and great for kids. Finally, these are often a good option for anyone who uses a wheelchair, as they won’t be able to reach light switches and, if they live alone, trying could be pretty dangerous.

Smart Bulb, Gosund Alexa Light Bulbs 800Lm B22 75W Dimmable Wi-Fi RGB Color Smart LED Bulbs Work with Alexa, Google Home, Remote Control, Voice Control, No Hub Required (2 Pack, 2700K)

  • Remote & Voice Control — Gosund Smart Bulb allows you to control home lights easily even you are not at home, just download the “Gosund” APP then operate on/off button through your smart phone. What’s more, the smart light bulbs works with alexa and google home, which allows you to control lights just by your voice. No hub required
  • Multicolor and Brightness Setting — RGB+Pure Warm White alexa light bulbs, fully meet the needs of daily lighting and provide more than 16 million kinds of colorful lights, you can choose what you like. 1–100% dimmable, perfect for mood lights. Not only for room color ambiance adjustment , but also for illuminating
  • Customized scenes & Energy Saving — Our smart light bulbs have eight scenes for your choice, four scenes designed as Night, Read, Meeting, Leisure mode, and other four scenes can be randomly created based on your favor. 8W 800lm LED bulb with B22 base, equivalent to 75W traditional incandescent bulbs. Saves up to 80% energy, Last longer and energy saver: Approximately 20,000 working hours
  • Custom Timing Setting — Afraid of sleeping in dark night? Don’t worry, this alexa bulb have timing and schedule function, automatically turn off the light according to your preset time. (e.g. Set the light off when you fallen into sleep, and also set the light on when you wake up.)
  • Sync to Music — The wifi bulb light changes colour according to rhythm of music melody. You can choose dynamic rhythm or soft rhythm, depending on your preference or the music you are playing, get perfect work for parties and events’ decorations such as Christmas, Valentine, Birthdays, Weddings and New Year.


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6. Ring Video Doorbell

These are pretty great, especially if you live in an area with a high crime rate. Essentially, you have a doorbell with a camera and microphone, so visitors can ring it, speak to you and then be let in. The video and audio connects to your smartphone, so it looks like you’re at home even when you’re not, and it monitors everyone who comes to the door. This can be a great deterrent and allows you to monitor potential robbers, stalkers or anyone coming onto your property. A Ring Video Doorbell can help your home feel safe and give you peace of mind.

All-new Ring Video Doorbell | 1080p HD video, Advanced Motion Detection, and easy installation (2nd Gen) | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan

  • 1080p HD video doorbell with features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • An update from the original Ring Video Doorbell, enjoy improved motion detection and crisper night vision.
  • Receive instant notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or when motion is detected.
  • Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or connect it to your existing doorbell wires for constant power.
  • Easy installation: connect your Ring Video Doorbell to Wi-Fi through the Ring app and mount it to your wall with the included tools.


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7. Smart TVs

Now that you’re relaxing at home, decaf in hand, lights on warm and dim, eating something you’ve prepared with help from your nest and knowing that nobody’s getting into your house until you’ve checked them, why not watch a little TV? And as everything else in your home is so intelligent, why not try a smart TV, too? Smart TVs connect to the internet and are, at this stage, not a million miles away from just being a really, really good computer screen. Smart TVs will connect to all your favourite streaming services, and YouTube, they’ll play the radio and music if you like, and you can display photos on them- perfect for rehearsing presentations for work or looking over some memories with old friends. You could even watch a film! Just know that you’re doing it with crisp images and high quality sound.


LG Electronics 32LM630BPLA.AEK 32-Inch HD Ready Smart LED TV with Freeview Play — Ceramic Black Colour (2019 model)

  • Enjoy entertainment in stunning detail and Generating fives times the resolution of standard definition, resolution 1366 x 768 delivers incredible clarity and vibrant colours
  • To support the advanced picture processing required for bright, sharp images there are 4 cores of processing power available for a fast and powerful brain to make sure you have the best possible picture
  • With active HDR adapting scene by scene to deliver image Mastering with pinpoint picture reproduction, LG TVs can offer the best picture visuals no matter what the format
  • Good quality software creates a surround sound effect producing virtual audio channels for broadcast and digital programmes, Surround your senses with sound from all angles


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Benefits of using these Smart Home Ideas

These smart home ideas have made life so much easier for us. We have light bulbs and Hive heating synched with Alexa so that we can turn them on by voice command! We have also used smart home ideas such as Ring Doorbell, Digital Smart locks and Smart cameras for our Air BnB property. Have you used any of these smart home ideas? If so please comment on our blog below!

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