Solo Travel Israel — The Ultimate Guide

Amy Green
15 min readDec 22, 2022
Haifa — Photo Credit Wikimedia (CC)

Welcome to my ultimate guide to solo travel in Israel. As you would probably expect, Israel is one of my favourite countries to travel to due to the cultural and religious diversity and amazing historical sites. Although Israel has its political concerns and there are some risks, I actually found solo travel in Israel much easier and safer than I initially expected. In this blog I will help you to plan your trip and tell you about the best places to visit. I also include some travel tips along with hotel and restaurant recommendations.

An Introduction to Solo Travel in Israel

Israel is an amazing introduction to the main world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem contains Holy Sites and is a pilgrimage destination for all of these three religions. After hitting the intense historical and religious sites of Israel, you can head to the beaches of Tel Aviv for some relaxation.

Although the country can have some security issues and there is tension between the Israelis and Palestinians, personally I did not experience and severe problems while I was there. I did have a couple of negative experiences which I will share later on in this blog! But on the whole, my travel experience in Israel was positive and I found it easy to travel between destinations.

I found the trains and buses easy to use in Israel. It is also a good idea to book some of the tours as a solo traveller — you get to met a lot of other solo travellers and pilgrims.

Solo travel in Israel is great for allowing you time to explore — I was walking towards the Mount of Olives and just happened to ‘stumble upon’ the Kieron Valley tombs!

Budgeting for Israel

One of the downsides to travelling in Israel is that it is a little on the pricey side. Go with a healthy wallet — it is more expensive than UK and USA to eat out. I would recommend…



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