Steampunk Detective Cosplay

Steampunk Detective Cosplay

A Steampunk detective is a particular way of dressing within the Steampunk genre. It looks cool and badass, this article will convince you why you should think about dressing as a Steampunk detective for next halloween or as part of your cosplay, but first of all what is a Steampunk detective?

Knowing that Steampunk is massively influenced by the Victorian era, it is no wonder that Sherlock Holmes has become an icon within the Steampunk detective genre. Although the original novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle, who first introduced us to the character of Sherlock, do not contain any Steampunk elements, the character of Sherlock has been reimagined many times by authors and movies to contain these elements.

For example, the Sherlock Holmes (2009) movie is considered to be of the Steampunk genre. In the movie the villain, Lord Blackwood, tries to take over the world using an array of new technologies, technologies that are massively representative of the Steampunk genre. The follow up Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) also contains Steampunk elements throughout the movie with the inclusion of Steampunk technologies.

The top hats, long coats, and other Victorian fashions that are presented in both movies are inherently Steampunk and can provide a great basis for your Steampunk detective cosplay.

As well as steampunk movies, there are many great steampunk novels, one of the most popular being Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus by P. C. Martin. The book is about Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submarine plans going missing and Sherlock Holmes being hired to solve the mystery. His sidekick, Doctor Watson is even bionic in this Steampunk, Sherlock Holmes universe.

Another popular Steampunk detective novel is The Steampunk Detective by Darrell Pitt. This novel is about an orphan called Jack Mason who becomes assistant to Ignatius Doyle — an older detective. They are asked to solve the case of a missing scientist by the scientist’s daughter. Set in a world of airships, steam powered technology, and weaponry the novel is undoubtedly Steampunk.

The Iron Duke written by Meljean Brook is about the Iron Duke (Rhys Trahaearn) and Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth who must solve the murder of a body dropped on Rhys’ doorstep from an airship. Set in a Steampunk setting, this novel is a romantic adventure featuring Steampunk detectives at the forefront.

The basics for creating your very own Steampunk detective costume are a tailcoat with buttons on the front, a white Steampunk shirt, a Victorian double-breasted waistcoat, Victorian suit trousers, suspenders, a top hat or a bowler hat, a monocle, and perhaps you can hold a magnifying glass or a pipe to finish the look. A cane is also an option.

This costume is in the style of Sherlock Holmes, featuring his iconic deerstalker hat and long coat. It even comes with a magnifying glass that will top off your look perfectly. You can add to this costume in order to make it more Steampunk by perhaps wearing a Steampunk monocle, and maybe altering the magnifying glass to look more Steampunk-y. You may even like to add a pipe with Steampunk elements or a cane.

Instead of dressing in full detective gear, you can add the most iconic elements of Sherlock’s costume to your own Steampunk costume with this set, including the iconic deerstalker hat, a magnifying glass, and a Victorian styled pipe. You can pair this with any Steampunk costume and it will bring out the Detective element without the hassle of spending money on a whole new costume.

Why not add this Steampunk ray gun to your detective costume? You can easily pair this with the first costume listed, and it will bring out the Steampunk element further to your costume. The gun has lots of detail with lights and even a spinning propeller, it is bound to draw anyone’s eye to it. All of the attachments are Victorian in style bringing an undoubtedly Steampunk accessory that will add a Steampunk element to any costume. The gun is a Steampunk fan art project, meaning that in buying this accessory, you are supporting another member of the Steampunk community. It is an incredible work of art that will truly enhance the Steampunk element within your cosplay costume.

Adding these Steampunk goggles to your detective cosplay is bound to enhance the level of Steampunk that your costumes portrays. Steampunk goggles are an important element within Steampunk cosplay, arguably the most important, and so why not include Steampunk goggles in your detective costume in order to make it undeniably Steampunk? These goggles are relatively simple in style, but will give your costume that extra something.

A Steampunk bowtie may be just the accessory you are looking for to add a bit of Steampunk to your detective costume. This bowtie has gears and a clock face on a Victorian styled, elegant bowtie. Adding this to your cosplay is bound to make the Steampunk stand out.

Goggles and a bowler? These two elements are perfect for your detective costume. Bowler hats are undoubtedly a key feature of many detective costumes and placing some Steampunk goggles on top of one will truly add to the Steampunk element of your detective costume.

A Steampunk monocle is also a good way to introduce Steampunk to your detective cosplay. A monocle is something often considered related to detectives, this one has a gear over the lens and will look great hanging from your waistcoat or long coat.

Why not try a monocle goggle instead? This one eyed goggle has the capability to introduce the Steampunk element to your detective costume. Monocles are often associated with detectives, and goggles are associated with Steampunk, put the two together and you have the perfect Steampunk detective combination that brings the two worlds together as part of your cosplay.

Why not introduce this magnifying glass into your Steampunk detective costume? The vintage looking magnifying glass has an inherently Steampunk feel to it with the antique look. It will look great paired with your Steampunk detective cosplay.

For another option for the main part of your outfit, this long coat, shirt, and hat all give detective vibes when paired together. You can even make the costume more detective like by adding some of the accessories mentioned above.

If you’ve ever managed to pull off a good steampunk detective costume, let us know — we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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