Steampunk Mad Hatter

Are you looking to dress up as the Mad Hatter for your next Steampunk convention? Well this is the perfect article for you for putting together your Mad Hatter outfit that will wow all those who see it.

The Mad Hatter is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Although in the book the ‘Mad Hatter’ is only ever referred to as ‘Hatter’. He is a seemingly ‘mad’ character that speaks in riddles, dresses peculiarly, and has a strange fascination with time. The Mad Hatter’s depiction varies between the books and Disney, the main difference being the fact that in the book, the Hatter irritates Alice. He is an iconic character in which everybody knows and loves. His messing around with time is likely what makes him such an iconic Steampunk character and the perfect choice for your next Steampunk convention. Here is how to create a Steampunk Mad Hatter outfit:

Of course the most important part of the costume is the Hatter’s hat, but other important details include a tailcoat and boots.

First of all, let’s take a look at a hat that looks incredible.

This hat shows the Disney Mad Hatter style perfectly, it features all the iconic designs such as the price ticket, the feather, and the long scarf tied around it. It is a bronze satin texture with golden floral patterns and it looks slightly large in size in order to really emphasise the main component of your Steampunk Mad Hatter outfit. You can even use this hat as a base and add other components onto it such as a pocket watch or playing cards. Even without the DIY element, this top hat is characteristic of the Mad Hatter look.

This is another top hat that mimics the look of the Disney Mad Hatter’s style. It again features the price ticket, the peacock feather, and the long peach scarf wrapped around it. The hat has a bronze satin effect and has intrinsic golden details of floral patterns. This hat comes as a headband rather than a hat and it is smaller than a hat, but it will look great, especially for a woman Mad Hatter.

For the rest of your costume, here are some more ideas:

This costume replicates that of the Disney Mad Hatter and does a great job. It features slightly baggy clothing, the extravagant bow tie with a sweet design, and a brown waistcoat with frilly sleeves. The hat in the costume comes with the curly orange hair, but you can pair one of the other hats with it if you want to make the costume look even more special.

This tailcoat looks incredibly elegant and beautiful. It has a deep red colour with black embroidered detailing with a Victorian Gothic pattern. The coat also has a black shirt attached to it that has a black satin effect with matte black patterns and vintage look silver buttons. This tailcoat looks like a high quality design that can be paired with other accessories and items in order to produce a stand out Mad Hatter costume.

Or what about this colourful and fantastical waistcoat? It has a dark blue satin effect with red satin patterns covering it. It looks incredibly characteristic of something that the Mad Hatter would wear and you will look incredible in it.

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit

Want to go as a steampunk rabbit? How about mixing up your outfit even more with this magnificent top hat? ‘I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!’

It features a hatter style top hat with a dark red ribbon around it and a pocket watch front and centre. But the real detail comes with the bunny ears on the sides of the hat. Interpreting the Alice in Wonderland rabbit into your Mad Hatter costume.

This outfit will look perfect if you pair it with the top hat above. The rabbit in Alice and Wonderland or the fashion of the Mad Hatter is a perfectly unique way of dressing up for your next Steampunk convention. You can further ‘steampunkify’ your outfit by choosing brown tones, or adding cogs and accessories to your outfit.

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