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If your passion for Steampunk is slowly taking over all aspects of your life, including your home design, then a Steampunk mirror will likely be on your list of furnishings to get for your new décor. Even within the Steampunk design, there are many different types of mirrors available such as; industrial, Victorian, and fantasy such as octopus mirrors.


Victorian mirrors are elegant and expensive looking in style. Frequently being thick with 3D designs of flowers and patterns protruding from the popularly gold frame. They come in many shapes from rectangular to oval, but they all have similar elements that make them undoubtedly Victorian.

steampunk mirror

This is a classic looking Victorian style dressing mirror with an antique silver colour that has a thick frame featuring 3D patterns. The mirror will look great in your hallways or in a bedroom.

Victorian mirrors will look great in a Steampunk home due to the Steampunk links to the Victorian aesthetic. The Victorian style will look good in most rooms of your house, but particularly in your Steampunk lounge, hallway, or dining room.

steampunk mirror

This Victorian vintage style gold mirror has an antique effect with 3D patterns protruding from the frame. The mirror is versatile and will look great in most rooms, excluding maybe the bathroom and kitchen, but it all depends on your personal décor. It is relatively large and so it will look great sitting landscape on a larger wall.

A gold colour looks classic, but silver will also look good. When purchasing, you should keep in mind that an antique look gold or silver will look even better with your Steampunk décor and you will need to choose the best shape for the size of your room and the mirror’s placement in the room. You should also take into account the other furnishings on the walls. For example, you don’t want a small oval mirror in the centre of a large wall in your Steampunk lounge. You should think about placement so that your mirror brings out the Steampunk of your décor in an appealing way.

steampunk gothic mirror

This mirror is perfect for the Gothic Steampunk aesthetic, it is a smaller table mirror that is antique silver in colour. The frame is Victorian styled with 3D patterns including a skeleton in the centre of the top of the mirror. It will look great sitting on a mantle in your hallway, or hanging next to a larger mirror.


Industrial mirrors are more harsh and unique looking. They come in countless styles, from iron, to copper pipes, to gears. Sometimes all of which are placed together. You may even get some that look like boat windows.

This industrial styled mirror that has the frame shape of a gold boat or submarine window. The mirror looks stylish and unique, it will fit perfectly inside a Victorian bathroom, but it will also look great in a hallway or in your Steampunk lounge or dining room if it is paired with another larger mirror.

The possibilities for an industrial mirror are endless and they will look great as part of your Steampunk lounge, hallway, dining room, industrial kitchen, or toilet. All of which depends on the design, but the copper pipes, iron, and boat window mirrors do look particularly good as part of your Victorian styled bathroom. The copper pipes and iron fit in incredibly to a Victorian bathroom, and the boat window mirrors will look great if your bathroom is slightly more Steampunk than Victorian.

steampunk mirror

This industrial style mirror is gold and has an antique effect with gears and exposed wires composing the frame of the mirror. This mirror will look especially good as part of your hallway or maybe even your bathroom. All of which depends on your home décor on where the mirror will look best in your house.

You could maybe even have two mirrors, an iron or copper pipe one, and a boat window one. For your industrial kitchen, a copper pipe mirror will look incredible and totally unique. The colours all depend on the look you are going for, but once again, an antique finish does look incredible as part of Steampunk décor.

steampunk mirrors

This industrial style gear mirror is a large mirror with three separate mirrors all connected by the gear frames. The mirror will look good in a larger room, perhaps a dining room.


Fantasy Steampunk mirrors are mostly formed with an octopus design. Featuring an octopus wrapping itself around a gold, copper, or silver mirror. There are many different styles, from oval mirrors to rectangular ones and your choice will depend on where you want the mirror to be placed.

An oval octopus mirror will look particularly good in a hallway, but it may also look great in a bathroom, or above a fireplace. Smaller rectangular mirrors may also looks great in a bathroom, or a hallway, but a larger one will look great in your Steampunk lounge. If your mirror has the option to go landscape or portrait, then a landscape mirror will look perfect on a large wall in your Steampunk lounge or dining room. All of these decisions depend on what décor you already have, especially the colour.

octopus mirror

An octopus styled table mirror with a bronze finish. The mirror is less bulky than most mirrors, with a slick design. The mirror will look great in a bathroom or above a fireplace in your Steampunk lounge, although it may also look great as part of an industrial kitchen.

gothic steampunk mirror

Here’s another Gothic Steampunk mirror is unique as they come. It features a bat on a black stone, castle window-look frame. It will look great in a hallway if your aesthetic is more Gothic Steampunk.

This industrial Steampunk iron mirror even has a storage box and hooks. It is a large mirror that will look great in a hallway or a bathroom. The hooks provide space for coats or towels and the design will fit in perfectly with the Steampunk aesthetic. It is a unique design that will provide an eye turning furnishing to your home.

An industrial mirror with a copper frame, it will look great inside a Victorian bathroom with the exposed looking pipes. It is a unique mirror and the pipes going into the walls has an appealing effect.

This industrial iron water pipe mirror will look incredible as part of your Victorian aesthetic bathroom. It is free standing and is therefore easier to put up while it also offers a stylish and unique mirror that will interpret the Steampunk aesthetic into your bathroom.

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