Steampunk Shoes

The 1960s and 1970s were a tumultuous area in global history that gave rise to a number of different trends and movements, one of them being the steampunk movement. Originating in a specific sub-genre of cyberfiction, steampunk quickly spread to an overall artistic movement that encapsulated a fusion between Victorian and science fiction or fantasy trends. Today, steampunk exists as an articulated expression of elaborate design and technological innovation, creating a fantastical world of fun and intrigue. This article is all about the best steampunk shoes you can find online!

Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk clothing often incorporates all of the many elements of Steampunk into its design, including fantasy, technology, and Victorian history. One particularly elaborate part of Steampunk are the shoes. Steampunk shoes are usually boots and vary depending on the individual. For women, steampunk boots are typically black or brown in color. Most feature towering spike heels and laces or belt buckles for additional drama. Steampunk shoes and boots are usually made of leather, suede, or other vinyl materials and tend to rise high on the leg for further drama. All of them combine elements of Victorian and Gothic style.

Steampunk Shoes for Women

If you are looking for specific steampunk shoes then you will want to look for Victorian styles in black, brown or cream. Mary Jane’s are a popular choice.

Oxford Style Lace Ups

steampunk shoes

I love these brown Leatherette Lace Up Oxford style shoes with a nice chunky heel. They go great with steampunk skirts and dresses. They also come in black, grey and tan.

Closed Toe Mary Janes

steampunk shoes

These gorgeous cut out closed toe Mary Janes by Chase & Chloe and are very reflected of the Victorian era and a great choice for steampunk fans. They are available on in a variety of colours including Taupe, grey and Burgandy.

Hot Chocolate Design Mary Janes

steampunk shoes

I’m totally in love with these hot chocolate stye Mary Janes. They are vegan and have an adjustable strap and a 3.9 inch heel (10cm).

Steampunk Boots for Women

Steampunk boots for women range from ankle boots to knee or even thigh high lace ups. I love Victorian style lace up knee highs, but there are so many variations of steampunk boots for women, here are some of the best…

Women’s 420 Quinley Boot

For a full on steampunk transformation, you can’t do better than the Quinley boot. A spiky and impressive heel, built in gear design elements, metallic accents, leather and laces AND buckles..what’s not to love about the Quinley? Knee high and dominating any steampunk costume they pair with, the Quinley boots are a steampunk-centered fashion forward statement piece you’re sure to love.

Women’s 253 Sarah Mid-Calf Boots

These pristine and manageable booties feature a sleek and sturdy heel cased in a perfectly steampunk packaging. The faux leather appearance and brown texture create a Victorian gothic style that’s part of the signature steampunk style. These boots feature a special benefit as they are a short heel, making them easy to walk in and use around the clock without hurting your feet or damaging your balance.

Women’s Lace-Up Knee-High Boot

Want to take on steampunk but don’t love high heels? These tall combat boots bring you the best of both worlds. Brown leathery exteriors offer a beaten down yet compelling visual, and the laces that wind all the way to the knee add a touch of debonair Victorian style to the ensemble. The belts and buckles are just an added benefit.

Spring Step L’Artiste

These are the best example of Victorian gothic on a modern ankle boot on the market today. The patterned spats, the delicate buttons, and the careful lacing, alongside the stocky heel, all encapsulate cornerstone elements of Victorian fashion design while adding modern and dark twists. Any Steampunk lover will want these versatile heels in their closet.

Show Story Punk Black Heel

These shoes aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you can handle their intensity, they scream steampunk style. A towering spiked disc heel commands attention from the minute you step into a room, not to mention the large gear accessories sewn in on the sides of the heel. Tight laces bring antique charm to the shoe, while a thick platform base provides some stability in the event of walking and wearing them.

Steampunk Boots for Men

Steampunk boots designed for men typically offer the same great style, but with a few major differences. Most boots are typical neutral colours like black or brown, and are made from leather or similar materials. Men’s steampunk footwear takes on vintage military tones, resembling combat boots and focusing on buckles or chain accents. Some steampunk boots also feature an antique finish to make them look more authentically vintage.

Men’s 121-Amos Steampunk Boots

Take steampunk to the next level with these belted, pocketed boots that slip on for comfort and maximum style points. Decked out to the nines and dripping in fashionable belts and buckles in addition to other metallic and leather accents, these boots are every part of Steampunk fashion in one beautifully designed package.

Bruno Marc Men’s Combat Military Boots

Another short and versatile staple in Steampunk and every day wear, these combat military boots provide a tough and sturdy shoe that demonstrates Steampunk fashion and daily usefulness in the same design. Extra design accents add to the elegance of the shoe, but it retains its sturdy use as a good staple costume and regular shoe.

Carribean Pirate Boots

While these boots may seem like they were designed for Jack Sparrow, the truth is that Jack Sparrow’s character is actually a little steampunk in origin. Situated during Victorian era, the characteristic leather and fold of these shoes is both unique to Captain Jack and to the Steampunk era. Grab this versatile pair of boots and get a two-for-one cosplay deal.

Men’s 158-Punk Combat

These showstopper boots are an amazing investment in serious steampunk fashion. Tall, towering, and covered in belts and buckles from toe to top, these boots are a confidence booster if ever there was one. Sturdy, reliable, and versatile, the 158-punk combat boots are a fantastic Steampunk addition to most closets.

Men’s Deluxe Leather Military Gaiters

Have a great pair of boots already you want to dress up for further steampunk style? These military gaiters are the perfect accessory. Add a touch of gothic flair to any set of shoes with these simple fastening gaiters that will elevate any look from basic to thoroughly Steampunk. Deluxe and durable, these are another great investment in men’s steampunk!

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