Steampunk Top Hat

Are you looking for a new top hat to top off your Steampunk look? Then you’re in the right place. But first, why are top hats so Steampunk?

We all know that Steampunk fashion is heavily based on the Victorian era and the fashions from that period. The reason top hats are so popular within the Steampunk community are not only because they look insanely cool, it’s because top hats were a popular accessory in the Victorian era. You get top hats in many different styles and many different heights/shapes. This takes us onto the next point, what makes a top hat Steampunk?

A Steampunk top hat can be anything, I can be a plane top hat with no decoration added to it, or it can be heavily decorated and worn with goggles. The truth is, the level of Steampunk of your outfit does not rely on having a top hat, but it does make your outfit look insanely cool. It really gives it an extra something that can be easily designed or customised to add some extra Steampunk vibes to it. An easy way to customise your top hat is to add some cogs to it, or if you’re going for a pirate look, you can add some feathers. One of the most common ways of giving a top hat an extra something, is by wrapping goggles around it. Steampunk Goggles look insanely cool on a top hat and they really top off any look. Goggles are inherently Steampunk and the addition of them to your top hat will make your outfit look even better. Or why not try both cogs and goggles?

There are many Steampunk cosplay characters who are known to wear top hats, such as; air pirates, noblemen, gentlemen, and ladies among others. All of which it is not uncommon to see sporting a top hat of some sort. So now that you know the importance of a top hat, why not DIY your own?

Best Top hat for Steampunk DIY

This hat is a good base for customising your own top hat to look more Steampunk-y. It’s a simple plain black top hat, nothing special right? That is, until you add these:

Steampunk Goggles

These goggles will make a great addition to your custom Steampunk hat and will make it look insanely cool. If you’re still looking to add more, why not try one of these accessories?

Cogs to Decorate your Steampunk Top Hat

These cogs will look amazing on your top hat with or without the goggles. Just glue or sew them to your hat, or to a ribbon and tie them around your hat. Another option is to add feathers to your hat.

Feathers will look great on your hat, especially if your outfit is air pirate themed. All of these options can easily make an aesthetically pleasing customised top hat for your Steampunk needs, but if you aren’t the most crafty person, then here are some of the best Steampunk top hats on Amazon and Etsy:

This top hat looks incredible, it has all of the recognisable accessories that relate to Steampunk — the goggles and the cogs. The hat looks unique and full of character, perfect for your next Steampunk event.

If you’re looking for a hat that is fully unique and magical looking, this is the one. Especially if you are looking to dress up as the Mad Hatter. It features playing cards, a stopwatch, and trinket bottles along with many other cool accessories. The best part is, each hat is unique and can be customised to suit your needs.

This top hat is a lot more simple in style, it is a brown top hat with a dark brown ribbon and some Steampunk goggles. If you’re looking for simplicity, this hat can really aid in bettering your outfit.

Mini top hats are not uncommon either, this one will look incredible as part of a women’s Steampunk pirate outfit.

This top hat looks unique and different to the rest of the top hats we have looked at today. It has gold clocks and cogs painted onto the actual hat, the fact that this hat is not three dimensional actually looks great and provides a uniquely different look to the style of a typical Steampunk top hat, while still remaining Steampunk.

If you want to add a little bit of colour, this hat is likely a perfect option. It is a green top hat covered in black lace and it has a ribbon around it that is fastened with a belt buckle. However, the most prominent feature is the clock that sits on the front and centre of the hat. If you are looking for a Mad Hatter style, then this may be in the running for your next outfit.

Now this is one complex and unique top hat that is fitting for the world of Steampunk. Its unique design features cogs, a clock, and a pair of goggles with extra lenses coming out of both sides.

This hat is very futuristic looking and perfect for that of a mad scientist perhaps? The design features cogs, a clock, and goggles that have wired lenses, specimen bottles, and even lights. This hat is bound to draw attention to you at your next convention.

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