Steampunk Trench Coat

Steampunk Trench Coat

Steampunk trench coats can bring added character to your Steampunk persona, but they can also bring added Steampunk associations to your outfit. This article will look at some of the best Steampunk trench coats available to buy online.

Steampunk trench coats are in the shape of trench coats, but they tend to have added extras such as more buckles, more belts, added studs and patches that make the jacket look more apocalypse-y or handmade. There are many places to buy Steampunk trench coats, including Violent Delights and Gothic Uniforms, as well as Amazon and Etsy. You can even buy an ordinary trench coat and DIY it to make it look more Steampunk. Here are some of the best:

Men’s Steampunk Trench Coats

Red Medieval Trench Coat

For a more elegant look, this trench coat is perfect. It looks like it is made of high quality materials and the design also looks like it is upper class. The coat is made from a red satin effect material, turned up at the cuffs where the material is black instead, featuring a grey pattern that matches the pattern on the waistcoat inside the coat. The waistcoat is black with the pattern all over it and elegant looking silver buttons. The outside of the coat also features the same pattern extending down from both shoulders, however, it is not as intricate. The silver embroidered pattern is larger and doesn’t cover the whole of the red material. At the back the trench coat has a tailcoat appearance and the same pattern is embroidered at the dip of your back. This trench coat is beautiful, it would look perfect for a Steampunk air pirate or even just as a general Steampunk inspired outfit.

Purple Medieval Trench Coat

This deep purple trench coat is similar in style to the previous trench coat, except that it is a lot more plain in style. The trench coat is a grape colour all over and has copper studs on the pockets that sit either side of the coat, the collar, the sleeves, and the waistcoat inside the coat. On the back of the coat, at the ridge, there is a strip of material that is attached horizontally by a copper stud at either side of the strip. The back of the coat also has a tailcoat appearance. This trench coat is relatively plain in style, but it will definitely look good paired with some Steampunk accessories.

Black Steampunk Trench Coat

This Steampunk trench coat is a work of art. It features a black jacket with a swirly smoke-like pattern covering the jacket. The sleeves are folded back on themselves to reveal the same pattern underneath and a large silver button holds them there. The same silver buttons extend three quarters of the way down the centre of the trench coat to allow it to close. The collar of this trench coat is slightly high, and gives off an elegant, wealthy, and professional appearance, as does the rest of the coat. This coat is definitely a stand out, it will look great paired with a top hat and Steampunk goggles, as well as a waistcoat, shirt, and a pocket watch.

Another gothic-look trench coat, this coat is fully black with a black patterned skirt at the bottom. The skirt looks like it can be removed with a silver zip that extends all the way around the waistline. The top of the coat has a leather jacket appearance with what looks like a waistcoat inside. The coat has many buckles, patches, and studs that add to the gothic element of the coat. The sleeves are made from the same patterned material as the skirt and features three strips of leather effect material on each sleeve. There are two of the same strips going around the waist on the left hand side as well. The collar is very high and attaches to a patterned hood at the back that also has a strip of the leather effect material. The back has a loose tailcoat appearance and is patterned like the front. As a whole this trench coat gives a more gothic appearance, but we all know that’s OK in the world of Steampunk.

Long Leather Trench Coat

When you think of a trench coat, this coat is exactly it, although it is black instead of cream coloured. It is made of real leather and the plain and traditional style will allow you to pair it with a range of quirky Steampunk accessories that will make your outfit stand out.

Detective Style Trench Coat

This trench coat is once again what you will picture when you think of a detective trench coat, except that this one is black. It will also look great as part of a military Steampunk outfit. However, Sherlock Holmes is a popular outfit choice for Steampunk fans and this will work nicely.

Women’s Steampunk Trench Coats

Blackmasksu Steampunk Long Coat

This Steampunk trench coat has some gothic vibes, perfect for trying to include the Victorian era’s aesthetic into your clothing. The trench coat is made from black material with some patches of black material that has a leather effect. The coat zips only half of its length giving a unique and almost elegant design, the zipper itself is in the shape of a skull. There are leather-look cuffs on the sleeves and a large leather pattern on the front that has lace entwined in the strips of leather. The coat has a high collar and a hood attached to the back that has some leather patches with silver studs attached to them. The long hood makes this coat even more badass and different in style. There are also two leather-look belt buckles at either side of the coat, extending around the waist. The leather patches with metal studs definitely give this coat a Steampunk vibe and make it perfect for adding to your Steampunk wardrobe.

Vintage Victorian Trench Coat

This trench coat definitely has a vintage Victorian appearance. It is black in an almost dress style, with two red lines that circle the bottom of the skirt. There is also red edging on the collar, cuffs, pockets, and belts. Two silver buttons hold the coat together at the front and one large pocket sits either side of the coat. There are also two belts of material either side that start at the front of the coat and extend around the back, held on by silver buttons. At the ridge of the back there is another small belt with the same red edging and a silver button at either side to hold it on. This dress is elegant and will be a great addition to your Steampunk wardrobe, with military hints and maybe even air pirate vibes, I’m sure you’ll manage to style this coat well for your next Steampunk outfit.

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