Steampunk Wedding Rings

Steampunk is a way of life for many, it is only natural then that many choose to have a Steampunk theme on their big day. Steampunk weddings are unique and smothered in individuality. They focus on the Victorian era aesthetic and include the industrial theme.

Choosing your Steampunk Wedding Ring

One of the most important choices you will make for your Steampunk wedding is your style of ring. There are many different styles of Steampunk wedding rings, and hopefully this will help you to navigate what you want.

Steampunk wedding rings for men most commonly come in a silver or gunmetal colour. Although many contain gold gears and other industrial looking sections. Dark rings are also common for Steampunk weddings, black rings with copper and gold, or a jewel of some sort fit the aesthetic well. What makes a ring look as though it’s from the Steampunk aesthetic is the handmade look to it. This can be through the style of the ring, such as having cogs and some sort of industrial feature, or it can be the look of pins holding the ring together. The rings can look basically handmade, or futuristically created — either fits in with the Steampunk aesthetic.

Best Steampunk Wedding Rings

Here are some wedding rings that you may fall in love with, or that can give you inspiration to know what you are looking for:

This ring from Wedbook is a very simple, but effective design. The ring is both black and gold in colour and the layers pinned together is perfect in obtaining the Steampunk aesthetic. The handmade styled ring also looks advanced and has a row of black diamonds that are subtle and not too flashy. The ring is made of 14K gold and oxidized sterling silver. The colour contrast of the ring is perfect for the Steampunk look, it really shows off the rings mechanics and will look great as your wedding ring.

steampunk wedding ring

This black zirconium ring is a sleek and stylish design. The black material is a unique feature of this ring, and the intricate detailing of the cogs and screws really add to the Steampunk appeal. An extra appeal for this ring is the brand symbolism. The logo that is featured on the inside of the ring represents Three Keys Jewelry. The star key represents hope, the heart key represents love, and the four leaf clover key represents good luck. All of the keys come together to unlock the door to wealth, health, and love.

steampunk wedding ring

This Celtic design wedding band is made from tungsten carbide and is black in colour. The blue finish on the inner band, and the blue cubic zirconia add to the aesthetic of the ring if you are looking for a bit of colour. The smooth finish and beveled edge all add to the overall pleasant look of the ring. This is perfect if you have a particular interest in Celtic designs, and if you like a slight addition of colour.

steampunk wedding band

This Tungsten carbide ring is silver with a blue opal inlay stripe behind the silver detailed gears. The ring is smooth looking with beveled edges that offer a relaxed and comfortable fit. The Steampunk aesthetic is evident in the silver gears and open look interior of this ring.

steampunk wedding ring

If you are looking for something unique, this ring is perfect for you. The colour combinations encourage individuality, the black tungsten carbide makes the blue opal inlay stripe stand out. On top of the blue opal inlay is a rose gold gears detailing that truly adds to the overall look of the ring. The rose gold is not as common a sight, but it looks incredible with this colour combination.

steampunk wedding ring

If you are looking for a more simple ring, look no further. This pure black titanium ring has a sophisticated look in it’s subtle design. The silver edge adds a little extra style to the ring, with the matte effect black providing a simple but effective Steampunk wedding band.

The tungsten silver band looks elegant in style. The added bonus of this ring is for those who are Dr Who fans. The ring is designed using the Gallifreyan Time Space, a design that was inspired by Steampunk fashion. The silver band features one black carbon fibre strip that adds a little something extra to the ring. The ring also comes with the option of a free custom engraving that is included in the price. The engraving is available in a range of fonts, perfect for including your partner’s name to your Steampunk wedding ring.

The pattern on this ring is unique, it features a silver pattern of futuristic looking gears on a black tungsten carbide ring with a blue inlay strip. The design is perfect for if you prefer the more futuristic and modern looking Steampunk aesthetic.

This multi-tone Steampunk wedding band features many different shades of metal, including gold, silver, and black. The many layered and varying sized panels really bring the Steampunk industrial aesthetic to this ring. The ring is formed from 14K gold and oxidized sterling silver, meaning that this ring is a higher quality ring. The ring also allows for engraving with an extra price.

If you are keen to have a Steampunk ring that is more subtle in style, this one is a great option. It is made from 18K rose gold, and the unusual/unique design is fitting for the Steampunk aesthetic. The ring has layers of rose gold seemingly welded together in order to create a handmade, Steampunk look.

This is a more traditional looking Steampunk band. It is made from titanium and features real Swiss made watch parts inside the band of the ring. The watch parts are gold in colour and stand out against the black inner strip. The silver band looks elegant and timeless with the simple, but effective design and colours.

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