Terrier Traits — What to expect when you get a Terrier!

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readFeb 3, 2021
Terrier Traits

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When you take on a terrier, you have to remember that you are taking on a little powerhouse of energy! Terriers that are not high energy are few and far between, and invariably they also possess a high prey drive, they love to hunt and dig. They are also incredibly loyal, intelligent and make good house guard dogs as they’ll alert you to any visitors or unwanted guests.

Terriers are bold, confident little dogs who frequently have an intelligent sense of humour. Teach your terrier tricks and give them a job, and they are happy. If they don’t have the activity, they need to work their brains as well as their bodies; you could experience problems as they find ways to entertain themselves when boredom sets in.

Of all our canine companion’s terriers are the least likely to settle for a cat in the family, and you have to be very careful with regard to small furries such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. That said, terriers are highly trainable and a terrier puppy introduced to an existing cat in the home learns quickly that the cat is family, and they usually get on well once that idea is established.

Terriers are wonderful companions, and if we take the time to reward them with good training that includes firm ground rules, they repay us with fierce loyalty.

Terriers often suit people who have horses, farms or smallholdings because they can busy themselves looking for vermin or exploring the area frequently with a constant awareness of where their favourite human is. When you have a terrier, and you don’t slot into those categories, there are ways you can entertain and enjoy your terrier with a bit of imagination.

Build the bond with your terrier by offering them regular obedience training. Challenge them with more demanding searches and tricks to keep them interested. Frequently they bust the dog feeding puzzles very quickly and look at you as if to say “what’s next?”. Once your terrier has the basics of obedience, it is highly advisable to work on ensuring a good recall as this will help when prey…

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