Tinsel Wigs

Certain costumes or characters call for a specific type of look, even if it is more futuristic or edgier than other styles. Whether you’re planning a cyberpunk look, an angelic figure, an out-of-this-world fairy, or even a school or holiday spirit look, tinsel wigs offer a touch of funky glam that really pulls an entire look together. Tinsel wigs are exciting, new, and innovative, bringing a touch of tinsel glam to any ensemble.

Tinsel wigs come in a few different textures and styles. From full-head tinsel wigs to clip-in extensions, you can customize and personalize your wig look depending on your preference and style. Coming in every style and color imaginable, the tinsel wig options are many, meaning it’s even more likely that you’ll be able to find a tinsel set-up that works for you!

The Best Tinsel Wigs

Bristol Novelty BW130 Tinsel Wig Silver

best tinsel wigs

This fun and stylish Bristol novelty wig encompasses all the best parts of a tinsel wig. The silvery strands of this tinsel wig are individually shiny and textured, made of 100% PVC for the ultimate tinsel appearance. The wig is one size fits all for a uniform look and appearance. This color and reflection would be perfect for a robotic, silvery, and futuristic look, but could also serve as a good angel or fairy accessory as well.

Forum Novelties 71577 Wig in Blue

blue tinsel wig

This team spirit ensemble is perfect for college or high school students looking to stand out at the next stadium game. Thick, individual strands of tinsel streamer sit neatly atop the wig for a fully engrossing appearance that makes it clear who’s team your cheering for. This brightly colored blue shines and reflects light like a dream, making it a perfect one-size-fits-all wig ensemble.

Fun Tinsel Wig Pink

pink tinsel wig

Take tinsel to the next step with this matte, shimmery, tightly-packed tinsel ensemble. Made of foil tinsel strands hand-stitched into layers on a breathable synthetic wig cap, this wig is a labor of love and an exciting pink feature for any event of costume. This adjustable wig cap features a comfortable and adjustable fit and is made of 100% synthetic fiber for a fun outfit. Stand out in support of whatever event you’re attending with this popular wig.

Sumind 4 Pieces Foil Wigs

tinsel wigs

For the multi-pack tinsel action, the Sumind 4 Pieces Foil Wig pack is the perfect solution. Coming in 4 exciting colors of metallic gold, silver, green, and pink, each of these exciting tinsel options creates new and fresh takes on the foil wig look. Each is one size fits all for a universal and versatile fit, and they come with an elastic rope for ultimate adjustability. Each strand is a metallic, lightweight strand of tinsel for the ultimate glow.

Forum Novelties Patriotic Wig

patriotic tinsel wig

This wig is a dream come true for people who live in the nations of red, white, and blue! Quite a few countries around the world claim these colors as their own, and this wig offers fun and fresh ways to demonstrate your national pride through this exciting tinsel wig. Perfect for sports events, national holidays, or other exciting events, this universal one size fits all wig creates a natural and exciting approach to the game.

Amscan Glamorous Party Wig

glamorous party wig

Blend natural hair with exciting tinsel extensions for an even more invigorating approach to tinsel wigs! This golden glamorous wig takes natural blonde locks and synthetic fibers on wigs and blends in golden tinsel extensions for a funky and fresh take on the look. It’s perfect for adding an extra boost of color to your outfit, and can complement any costume or event such as costume parties, Mardi Gras events, or any other get-together.

SWACC 22 pcs Hair Tinsel Strand Extensions

hair tinsel strand extensions

If you’re ready to make a splash but don’t want to commit to a full head of tinsel, the SWACC Hair Tinsel Strand Extension set is the purchase for you. These colorful, sparkling, and shiny accessories provide a pop of color and texture to any hairstyle, and can even clip into existing wigs for an additional wow factor. From tinseled goodness to colorful locks, these guys really do it all.

If you’re ready to fully bite the bullet and dive into the world of colorful hairstyles, check out our article on Rainbow wigs for the perfect full color look!

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