Tunnels for Hamsters

Amy Green
5 min readJul 19, 2021
Tunnels for Hamsters

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Are you looking for ways to entertain your hamster or want to know how your little bestie can play in the house without getting lost? Consider a tunnel! A tunnel is a great way to provide opportunity for exploration. Plus, it will help reduce any negative behavior like overgrooming, which often happens when they are bored.

In this article, we’ll be discussing:

  • What tunnels are and what they do.
  • Why tunnels are an essential tool in the cage of any pet hamster — How tunnels can help make your pet more comfortable and reduce any negative behavior like overgrooming that typically occurs when they get bored.
  • The different types of tunnels available and how to choose the best tunnel for your hamster.
  • Instructions on how to make your own tunnel at home if you’d like to save a few bucks and have some fun in the process.
  • How to teach your pet hamster to use the tunnels in their cage.
  • Lastly, I’ll be sharing some tunnels I made for my pet hamsters with pictures and instructions so you can have a few ideas if you’d like to make one yourself!

What are tunnels anyway?

Tunnels are plastic or fabric tubes commonly found in hamster cages. They provide your hamster with a place to run, play, and hide. Tunnels can be used for a lot of different things. Some people use tunnels to make their hamster feel less exposed and more safe when they are out exploring the cage or in public. They can also help reduce any negative behaviors like overgrooming which is common in bored hamsters. If there are two hamsters sharing a cage, you can use tunnels to connect their homes together in order to provide them with some extra space. The possibilities are endless!

What types of tunnels are there?

There are many different sizes and shapes of tunnels that you can purchase from pet stores or online. They are made out of many different materials and have a variety of purposes. Some tunnels are small, like…



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