UPart Wigs

UPart wigs are named for their shape. Somewhere between a wig and clip in extensions, a UPart wig has lace and synthetic hair that covers about 80% of your head, and then has a U-shaped gap so you can pull your natural hair through for a natural parting. This can be on the top for a centre parting, or on the edges for a side parting. Your natural hair that is covered by the wig can be cornrowed and braided to protect it and keep it out of the way.

Best UPart Wigs

We decided to look for the best UPart wigs that you can buy online, and here are some fo the best on Amazon…

U Part Wig Human Hair Straight Wigs

UPart wigs

Our first wig is long, thick and versatile. Customers have worn it, dyed it, co-washed it with their natural hair, and still got a lot of use from it. This wig clips underneath that hold the lace in place are small enough to be innocuous but strong enough that you don’t need to worry about the piece moving at all through the day.

U Part Wig Human Hair Glueless Body Wave

Next, we have a nice UPart with beachy lowlights and a gentle wave. The wig has an elastic cap that comes in three different sizes, so you’ll be able to wear the right one for you and make sure you don’t get any shifting or discomfort. There are also different options for length, so you can find the amount that’s most manageable for you.

CanaryFly UPart wigs

CanaryFly UPart wigs

Synthetic hair can be great, but some people prefer natural hair. The problem is that it’s often difficult or expensive to get long, natural hair. Fortunately, if this is what you’re looking for, we’ve got the right UPart for you. There are different sizes and you can get something pretty substantial if that’s what you like. This wig is also well made, and you shouldn’t get much shedding or tangling.

U Part Wig Human Hair Wigs

UPart wig

Our next UPart wig is, initially, smooth and dark. However, many customers have chosen to dye or curl parts to get a unique look that they love. We think this is great! But if you do choose to leave it as it is, that’s still very nice, too. Like above, this wig is made of human hair, so it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of synthetics. Finally, the cap is adjustable so you can keep the wig in place and comfortable.

Brazilian Glueless Natural UPart Wig

natural UPart wig

This UPart has the length, curls and it’s made of natural hair. Customers report that it blends nicely with their hair and because it’s made of real hair, there’s no weird shininess that sometimes occurs with synthetics. It also doesn’t have any glue, which is perfect for anyone who’s allergic.

Brazilian UPart Wig

Long hair is great, but it’s not for everyone. This UPart is shorter and more manageable, and because there isn’t as much of it you don’t have to worry about tangling as much. It also keeps you cooler and is great if you’re active. This also makes it more affordable and means that you don’t have to compromise and get a synthetic wig.

Human Brazilian Upart Curly Wig Natural Density

Upart Wigs

If you’re a big fan of your kinks and curls, this UPart is perfect for you. The texture is great and it looks much more natural than some other wigs. It also means that you won’t have to straighten or relax your natural hair, and they can blend nicely.

Rossy&Nancy 10A U Part Wig 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair

UPart wigs

Length, waves and a side part? Yes please! Getting side parted UPart wigs isn’t impossible, but they’re less common so it’s harder to find a nice one. This UPart does everything you’d hope for, and it does it in a high-quality way so you still look and feel your best. This particular wig parts on your right side, but if you feel like you’d rather part on your left (we all have a better side) then you can sort this out with the manufacturers without much hassle.

Straight Virgin Brazilian Natural UPart

This UPart is long, dark and straight. It’s good quality so it won’t frizz too easily, and you’ll have a product that you can use, restyle, dye, straighten or curl into something that you can wear everyday and still look good on special occasions. It also works well with headbands and can be worn tied back if you like. Customers also rave about how low-maintenance it is, and this wig perfect for the busy woman who still wants to look gorgeous.

UNice Ombre Highlight U Part Wig Human Hair Body Wave

Our final wig looks a lot like the second one. It’s got the glossy curls and lowlights that we loved, but it’s a little longer and more voluminous. The lowlights means that you don’t need to worry about dyeing your own hair, and you can easily integrate the two for a natural, gorgeous look.

Finding the right wig can be tricky at times. We’ve got a lot of good options to help you look and feel your best, and we hope that you’ve found the perfect one for you. If you’d like to continue browsing, check out our collection of Janet Collection wigs.

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