Victorian Bathroom Accessories

Victorian Bathroom Accessories

Victorian bathroom accessories are a fashionable way to improve your bathroom space. The Victorian era had a very distinct style of bathroom, including roll top baths, and chrome, gold, or nickel metal sections as many accessories were created from metal components in the Victorian era. Other materials to include and to look for in your accessories are pottery, china, and ceramic. White is a good colour to look for in these materials as it is traditional and can be mixed and matched in your bathroom.

The tiles are an important feature for your Victorian style bathroom, the tiles can change the whole design, this is why it’s important to get them right. Metro tiles are a wise choice, they are glossy and shaped in a way that represents the traditional Victorian style.

In terms of flooring, Victorian patterned tiles are a good choice, but failing that, wood effect flooring also gives the effect of a traditional bathroom.

Traditional style toilets normally come in two styles, one where the cistern is right above the pan, and one where the cistern sits high up on the wall behind. Either provide a Victorian style. You can get toilets that have a Victorian style to them, for example — the cistern may have an elegant shaped pattern on it.

Traditional basins tend to be ceramic and you can get them in styles that match the elegant shaped pattern on the toilet cistern. A matching Victorian bathroom is the way to go.

Freestanding roll top baths are the most aesthetically pleasing part of a Victorian style bathroom. If you have the space in your bathroom, then it is highly recommended that you include one as part of your Victorian bathroom suite.

If you are looking to get a Victorian style shower, you will need to purchase one that has exposed valves and a circular or apron shower head. For when you get out the shower and need to hang your towel up, perhaps a traditional radiator is a helpful addition that will look great in your Victorian bathroom.

Best Victorian Bathroom Accessories

Adding traditional, Victorian era accessories to your bathroom is an authentic way of adding to the quality of your bathroom suite. Why not try some of these:

Victorian Pull Chord

Victorian Bathroom Accessories

This cord pull is a dark steel colour that perfectly encapsulates the industrial aesthetic of the Victorian era. Small additions such as this cord pull will make your bathroom look even more beautiful.

Traditional St Pancras Toilet roll holder

Victorian bathroom

Why not add a St. Pancras traditional loo roll holder? The cast iron design encapsulates the industrial aesthetic of the Victorian era. The hard wood will also look great if you have wooden floors.

Cast Iron Bathroom Sign

Victorian Bathroom Accessories

This cast iron bathroom sign is simply for aesthetic purposes. It will look great paired with other iron accessories as part of your Victorian bathroom.

Victorian Shower Head

Victorian Bathroom Accessories

This traditional Victorian style shower has chrome detailing and the white handle gives the shower head a traditional telephone style. The shower is a classic design that is bound to enhance your Victorian suite.

Victorian Pillar Taps

Victorian Bathroom Accessories

Basin pillar taps are uniquely traditional in style with a chrome finish that enhances the effects of bathroom accessories. The eye catching style of the taps will complement the rest of your bathroom fittingly.

Victorian Leaf Shelf Brackets

A Victorian leaf-style shelf bracket looks as though it is made from cast iron, fitting in with the other accessories mentioned. The design of this shelf has been reproduced from a Victorian original, it is the perfect way to get your bathroom looking more traditional.

Victorian Radiator

Victorian style radiator

As mentioned before, a stylish radiator will look great in your Victorian style bathroom suite. This traditional towel rail, column radiator is the perfect size for your bathroom, and it will look stylish with the chrome and white, matching some of the other accessories listed here.

Victorian Style Soap Dispensers

Victorian style soap dispensers and soap trays are another small improvement that can be made to your bathroom. Small additions of accessories can massively improve the effect of your Victorian style bathroom suite. These ceramic accessories have a Victorian design but are subtle enough to not take too much of an eye away from the rest of your bathroom.

Victorian Bathroom Light

Victorian bathroom light

This light fixing will be a perfect addition to your bathroom, the traditional antique brass metal in combination with the ribbed, domed, clear glass shade has a luxurious look that improves the overall effect of your bathroom’s design.

Victorian Style Coat Hooks

Victorian style bathroom coat hooks

Why not add this Victorian style coat rack to your bathroom? This coat rack will be perfect for hanging up your towels, the industrial style and iron colour matches the interior design of your bathroom perfectly.

Vintage Silver Mirror

Victorian Bathroom mirror

This vintage look mirror is in antique silver and will look great alongside some of the other accessories listed here. It will fit into the Victorian aesthetic perfectly and has an elegant traditional style that will match your Victorian bathroom suite.

Victorian Loo Roll Holder

Victorian bathroom accessories

A loo roll holder for your extra loo rolls to sit by your toilet is a necessary addition to your toilet. This loo roll holder is silver and has a Victorian design with the addition of vine detailing to the stand. It is simple, elegant, and free standing, fitting in perfectly to your bathroom.

Steampunk Art

Victorian steampunk art

Why not be bold and add a little more Steampunk to your Victorian bathroom with some Steampunk art. This cute cat piece is perfect for adding that Steampunk edge to your new bathroom. You can even change the frame to something a little more traditional, such as an iron coloured frame.

If you are interested in steampunk style interiors you might also like to consider a :

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