Vintage Wigs

Vintage wigs offer a wide variety of costuming and fashion opportunities that show off every era with grace and elegance. Vintage wigs themselves capture a certain class you just can’t find these days, providing sleek grace and timeless style that make for an amazing cosplay or even a natural, everyday style.

The Best Vintage Wigs you can buy Online

Every decade seems to offer a different signature hairstyle that you will soon love. There are the sleek bobs of the Roaring 20s, the simple bang and bowl cuts of the 30s, the pin curls of the 40s, the rolled ponytails of the 50s, the 60s bobs, the 70s waves, the 80s mullets, and the 90s mop, wigs and hairstyles have certainly evolved through the ages. Whatever era you choose to emulate, you’ll be sure to find a vintage wig that captures the best parts of your costume!

Sleek Black Twenties Bob

vintage wigs

This sleek black bob is a perfect flapper homage! Dress it up with a headpiece or a string of pearls for a glamorous twenties inspired style. Your wig slicks down perfectly and maintains its shape no matter how often you wear it or how hard you dance, making it a versatile accessory. Accentuate with long gloves and a cigarette for the perfect flapper costume that you’ll fall in love with time and time again!

The 50s Vintage Black Wig with Bangs

This vintage fifties wig curls down in perfectly blown-out waves for an elegant, trim appearance that’s as pristine as it is glamorous. The full bangs would look great with a red bandana or a pop of bright red lipstick, and the signature pearls that defined women in the cities would stand out wonderfully against these jet black locks.

The Sixties and Seventies Boho Locks

For folks looking to emulate the hippie, shaggy locks of the sixties and seventies, this wig and mustache set is the perfect start. This wig sports a shaggy, layered brown hairstyle that flops artfully just as people would want in the sixties and seventies. The attached mustache completes the ensemble, and the set even features the iconic gold chain that complemented many seventies looks for men and women alike.

The Rocker Mullet

vintage wigs

An homage to the eighties and nineties, the rocker’s mullet is another fantastic look that looks amazing on every man or woman. This fun wig is a great staple to pull out for costume parties, but mullets are coming back into style now in certain places of the world, so it could even begin to function as a full-time wig and hairpiece! The fun and funky business in the front, party in the back atmosphere of a wig like this is a great addition to any closet.

Vintage Blonde Finger Waves

Another homage to the twenties, this bleach blonde finger-waved wig is a great flapper accessory as well as a fabulous general fashion style. With pristine waves that maintain their shape no matter how often this wig is worn, this is a versatile hairpiece that you could class up or accessorize for every occasion. The included wig cap helps it sit securely and naturally onto your scalp for the perfect flush to forehead look.

Rockabilly Vintage Wig

Another take on the rockabilly styles of the vintage eras gone past, this Hepburn-esque wig offers perfect black finger waves and clipped bangs that show off your fabulous brows and eyeliner. Top-quality synthetic wig fibers that are a blend of both human hair and machine-made, your wig will style and last for years if cared for properly. Pop this on whenever you’re ready for an amazingly retro blast from the past.

40s Brunette Roller Curls

This elegant wig provides a vintage look at 1940s hairstyles through its artful use of roller and rag waves. Made of Japanese kanekalon fiber, this wig is fire-proof and heat resistant, meaning it’s easy to style and wear time and time again. The perfect complement to any 1940s ensemble, pair this wig with a scarf and red lipstick for the ultimate vintage accessory!

80s Vintage Ombre

This wig may evoke a different kind of vintage, but it’s another signature style that ought to be remembered in fashion history! Blending bright blonde and brunette strands of hair for a garishly ombre approach, these tight curls and blown out bangs represent the best and brightest of 80s fashion. This wig secures tightly to your head, so these puffy strands won’t be flying off any time soon!

For more advice on how to care for and maintain your vintage wigs, check out our wig hair care articles here! You might also like to see these fabulous Audrey Hepburn wigs.

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