Vivica Fox Wigs

A premiere wig and hair brand, Vivica Fox’s line of hair products stand the test of time with any of their flowing and realistic hairpieces. Designed by the active celebrity style icon and actress Vivica A. Fox, this line pairs with an expert team from Amekor Industries to produce glamorous, premium, and high-quality Brazilian hair products.

Perfect for any kind of fashion or style needs that call for sleek, beautifully flowing hair that looks both natural and youthful, Vivica Fox wigs support confidence, joy, and excitement for all.

With a wide variety of colors, styles, textures, and more, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in the Vivica Fox collections. Each wig is easy to maintain and use, offering pure Brazilian human hair that shapes and responds just like you’d want it to. Choose from rich shades of brown and gold with textured bangs that add interest, or a shining golden blonde that will make you feel as though you’re a ray of sunshine. With endless styles and colors to choose from, you will be able to transform your look into anything you could imagine in a matter of minutes with Vivica Fox wigs.

The Best Vivica Fox Wigs

ORLANDO Futura Synthetic

best Vivica Fox wigs

This warm, light brown wig is simple and easy to style with an extra wide hairline, and is sure to grab anyone’s attention. With beautiful, waved and flowing hair in a rich warm brown with gentle highlights that add dimension and vibrancy, this wig is the perfect look for any summer event.

GOLDIE Futura Deep Swiss Lace

vivica fox wigs

A chocolate brown color with curls that make a statement, this wig features stunningly beautiful 18” hair. This wig has a perfectly natural look that is sure to turn heads and have people wondering if that’s your natural hairstyle. Made with the highest quality synthetic fibers that are both long-lasting and have a beautiful shine that will catch the light beautifully in any environment, this GOLDIE Futura wig will last you ages.

BRIE Futura Fibers

Vivica fox wigs

This spiky and fresh wig is the essence of youthful style, with sleek straightened locks and beautifully vibrant and creative color options, from deep brown to stripy blonde. With curled bangs and sleek locks, this wig has a beautiful sense of whimsy and youth to it that just makes you smile! This wig also features beautiful bangs to add another exciting element to the look, but even with bangs, it’s still easy to style however you like. With thick quality hair and fibers that add the perfect amount of volume to your style, the styling possibilities are endless with the BRIE Futura.

OPRAH 5 Stretch

Vivica fox wig

This classic brown curled wig is named after its style inspiration, the famed Oprah Winfrey. With tight corkscrew curls and stunning black dimension, this fun stretch cap wig would make a great style for the elegant and sophisticated woman of the hour. Made from the highest quality synthetic fibers, this wig creates a recognizable and affirming sweetheart look. Easy to style for either a casual, carefree look or a stunning formal look, this wig is perfect for any occasion.


vivica fox wig Whitney

The richest cappuccino coloring makes these tight spirals an absolute must-have in your celebrity wig collection. With voluminous curls that spiral out from your hair, this wig is the perfect look for anyone. Keep it fresh and spiky and accessorize for a glammed-up formal look, or style it casually for everyday wear. This wig suits almost any face shape beautifully, with detailed layering and bangs that will shape your face perfectly.


Vivica Fox wigs

Sleek, blonde, and glamorous, this Lindsay wig is a great show-stopper for formal and casual occasions. Whether you’re always blonde or trying it for the first time, this pretty highlighted blonde wig offers sleek and straight strands that dazzle with dimension and shine. No matter how you wear it, you’re sure to love it!

FINN Futura

A handstitched work of art, this chocolate brown wig promises a stunning lace front and elegant waves that make for a fun and casual look. Featuring a delicate Swiss lace that molds perfectly to your hairline and an innovative coloring that will help you feel pretty year-round, the FINN Futura is a fabulous choice for any!

Any of these synthetic and natural fiber wigs are long-lasting and wield yield beautiful results.

Vivica Fox wigs are perfect for anyone. Imagine your ideal look or hairstyle, your dream hair color and curl, and with the help of Vivica Fox, you’ll find the wig for you! With endless options, both before and after styling, Vivica Fox wigs will transform you into whatever look you could imagine. One of the most innovative, popular, and affordable kinds of wigs, Vivica Fox is the perfect place for any of your synthetic or natural hair needs.

For another quality brand that offers great Brazilian and human hair wigs, check out the Bobbi Boss line here! You can also read all about how to care for your synthetic and Brazilian hair wigs on our site as well.

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