Whale Watching in Iceland — The Best Destinations and Tours

Iceland boasts to have some of the best Whale Watching areas in the world. The cold waters off the coast entertain to a diverse marine life. Whale-Watching is as essential a part of any trip to Iceland as seeing Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, Hot Springs & Glaciers. This blog post provides everything you need to know about whale watching Iceland has to offer.

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Reasons Why Iceland Is One Of The World’s Best Whale-Watching Destinations

High Chances Of Seeing Whales

20+ Species Of Whales To Explore

Ideal For a Family Trip

Best Whale-Watching Spots In Iceland


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Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Other rare whales that visit this area are Sperm Whales, the largest toothed whales and one of the deepest diving whales. These are mainly spotted in June. Snæfellsnes Peninsula is also common to spot Minke Whales, Humpback Whales, White-Beaked Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises.

The Westfjords

Best Whale Watching Iceland Tours on Get Your Guide

The Reykjavik Midnight Sun Whale Watching Tour will allow you to visit the habitat of these marvellous creatures from the Icelandic capital under the midnight sun. This includes cruising from Faxafloi Bay to look for minke whales. You are also likely to see other species such as porpoises and seabirds. The tour is 3.5 hours long and on environmentally friendly boat. It can get chilly at night in Iceland, but warm overalls are provided.

2. Reykjavik: Half-Day Whales and Puffins Combo Tour

This half day Whales and Puffins Combo Tour from Reykjavik is perfect if you are eager to travel from the capital and have a high chance of seeing Puffins too. You will be sailing from Reykjavik on a large boat to see the whales and then see the puffins up-close on the little boat ‘Old Skuli’ ( Skúlaskeið in Icelandic!). You can borrow binoculars on this tour to get a closer look at the puffins.

3. Hjalteyri: Whale-Watching Boat Trip

This Hjalteyri Whale Watching Boat trip with Get Your Guide is a two-and-a-half hour whale-watching tour on a traditional oak boat. Enjoy a complimentary cinnamon bun and hot chocolate on board! Eyjafjörður is a favourable habitat for marine life, to such an extent that whales were spotted on every single one of these tours in 2016.

4. ATV & Whale-Watching

Perfect for the Adrenaline junkie, this ATV and Whale Watching Tour combines quad biking and Whale watching in one ultimate adventure. During this 8 hour tour, you will ride to the top of Ulfarsfell Mountain to take in breathtaking views from the peak. Following lunch overlooking Reykjavik harbour, you will then head out on your 3 hour Whale watching Iceland tour.

5. Húsavík: Whale Watching on a Carbon Neutral Oak Boat

This tour — Husavik Whale Watching on a Carbon Neutral Oak Boat — is great for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. This three hour eco-friendly whale watching Iceland tour is also accessible for the disabled.

6. Húsavík: Midnight-Sun Whale Watching

This Husavik Midnight Sun Whale Watching tour is a two hour tour in an RIB speedboat. Witness these beautiful creatures under the Icelandic sun at Midnight.

Best Whale Watching iceland Tours on Viator Travel

1. Whale-Watching in Luxury

One of the most luxurious whale watching tours bookable online is the Whale Watching in Luxury tour with Viator. Learn about minke and humpback whales, dolphins, and orcas as you cruise from Reykjavik by luxury yacht, with cosy blankets and on-board WIFI!

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2. Whales of Iceland from Land and Sea

This Viator tour entitles Whales of Iceland from Land and Sea allows you to learn about these magnificent creatures through the Whales of Iceland exhibition in Reykjavik, before taking a three hour tour from the Reykjavik old harbour. The life sized whale models at the exhibition will help you to understand more about the Icelandic Whale species.

3. Whale-Watching in Dalvik

This fabulous Whale watching in Dalvik tour allows you to try your hand at fishing in the Icelandic waters and enjoy an on-board Barbecue. These cruises run both morning and afternoon daily and give you chance to see some of the 23 different species of Whale in the waters North of Iceland.

4. Whale Watching and Golden Circle Tour

Viator have combined Whale watching and the Golden Circle tour in this Whale Watching and Golden Circle tour from Reykjavik. As well as your Cruise around Faxaflói Bay to see whales, seabirds, dolphins and more, you will also see the Golden Circle Highlights.

The Golden circle is an area of natural beauty in Iceland and you will see Gullfoss waterfall, The Geysir (plus geothermal area) and Thingvellir National Park.

5. Whale Watching from Downtown Akureyri

If you are lucky enough to be in Iceland long enough to explore Akureyri as well as the capital of Reykjavik, you may want to consider this Whale Watching from Downtown Akureyri tour.

Ethics of Whale Watching

Many tour operators in Iceland abide by the ethics of Whale-Watching and follow Whale-Watching guidelines. Considering these ethics, there’re many variables to consider such as:

1. Don’t Get Too Close

2. Number of Boats

3. Other Responsibilities

Summary — Whale Watching Iceland

Other Essential Tours in Iceland

  • The Golden Circle Tour Iceland — area of natural beauty including Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir and Geothermal area plus Thingvellir National Park.
  • The Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland — relax in the Blue Lagoon — enjoy the heat of the geothermal waters and the miraculous power of the silica mud mask on your skin!
  • While you are staying in Reykjavik, do the free Reykjavik walking tour that starts at the Parliament building at 2pm daily.

If you have limited time in Reykjavik, read this article on how to plan for

Where to Stay in Iceland

If you want to go all out in full luxury, I totally recommend a stay at the Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel. It’s amenities include a full-service spa, Rooftop terrace and 24-hour fitness centre. The suite views of the Icelandic countryside and lagoons are phenomenal. This is a good option for the night before you fly as it’s just 22 minutes from Keflavic airport. Splash out and relax on your last day in Iceland!

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