Whale Watching in Iceland — The Best Destinations and Tours

Iceland boasts to have some of the best Whale Watching areas in the world. The cold waters off the coast entertain to a diverse marine life. Whale-Watching is as essential a part of any trip to Iceland as seeing Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, Hot Springs & Glaciers. This blog post provides everything you need to know about whale watching Iceland has to offer.

Reasons Why Iceland Is One Of The World’s Best Whale-Watching Destinations

High Chances Of Seeing Whales

20+ Species Of Whales To Explore

Ideal For a Family Trip

Best Whale-Watching Spots In Iceland



Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The Westfjords

Best Whale Watching Iceland Tours on Get Your Guide

Best Whale Watching iceland Tours on Viator Travel

Ethics of Whale Watching

1. Don’t Get Too Close

2. Number of Boats

3. Other Responsibilities

Summary — Whale Watching Iceland

Other Essential Tours in Iceland

Where to Stay in Iceland

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