What is the best Travelers Notebook?

I have to admit — I always travel with a travelers notebook because there are so many things I need to jot down. There are so many reasons why you should never travel without one!

In this day and age, it’s so easy to become dependant on your smartphone or gadgets. I have apps for everything — flights, hotels, taxis. But what happens when your power runs out? Or you find yourself in a country where your data doesn’t work? Hell — your phone could even get nicked!

What do I use my Travelers Notebook for?

I always write down the basics for when I arrive somewhere — mainly the phone number and address of my hotel and how to get there. I always have emergency numbers written in it too including travel insurance and home contact numbers. But I use my travelers notebook for so much more than just how I plan to get somewhere.

It’s great to have a notebook handy to collect contact details from people. Tech can often be unreliable in these situations — it’s easy to forget to hit save, or delete something by mistake. I love to meet people on the road and in hostels or hotels. I find fellow travellers to share itinerary ideas with, hostel owners for blog sponsorship and people to connect with in the next city.

I also use my travelers notebook for budgeting and planning my itinerary. I write down what I spend each day and what I see and do each day. This is a great source of knowledge to look back on when I write up my blogs. I’ve used my notebook (above) for planning my solo travel Thailand, my Morocco itinerary and during my holiday to Tunisia.

Best Travelers Notebook on Amazon for Planning

Looking for a travelers notebook on Amazon? There’s a fantastic selection. You can even get fabulous notebooks that have itinerary planners, checklists and blogging ideas pages in them — I love these ones!

Travel Planner Journal for Women

I love this travel Notebook and Vacation Journal, which has pre set out trip planning itinerary sections (for up to 6 Trips), checklists for packing and things to do plus a world map that you can mark off your destinations on!

This travel planner notebook also contains sections for accommodation details and transport details so you can be organised and know where you’re going even when your phone runs out!

Adventure Log — Yellow 3-Pack — Traveler’s Pocket Notebooks

If you are looking for something cheap and simply with pre-planned sections, go for the Adventure Log travelers pocket notebooks. They come in a 3 pack so great for stocking fillers and they make great friends and family gifts.

Blank Paged Travelers Notebooks

Leather Writing Journal Notebook, MALEDEN Vintage Traveler Notebook Sketchbook

This classic Refillable Diary Planner with Blank Paper and Zipper Pocket is great for holding extra tickets and memorabilia. The elasticated band around this keeps everything together. The blank pages are great for someone who likes their notes to be more free flowing. The best thing about this journal notebook is the retro passport stamp cover!

The Travel Life Notebook

I love this travel life notebook. It’s sturdy and has an elastic band to keep in any photos, tickets or travel documents. The pages are thick, yellow and lined giving it a vintage feel. An all round great travelers notebook!

Travel Journal

This paperbook travel journal has a gorgeous map of Europe on the front and back cover. It’s lined pages allow for free journaling, or use them to plan your trip, take notes and record names and addresses.

Travelers Notebook and Other Travel Equipment

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Originally published at https://www.templeseeker.com on December 3, 2019.

Hi I’m Amy — travel blogger, dog lover, digital marketer. I write mainly about Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Getting into drones!

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