What is the Best Wig Tape?

What is the Best Wig Tape?

Wig tapes are silicone made double-sided clear patches, waterproof, skin-friendly, and lasts for almost six weeks, it will surely hold the wig seamlessly in your scalp for an extended period. Since wig tapes don’t harm the scalp, it’s a much better option than glue. Today we are on a quest to find the best wig tape.

You wouldn’t want your wig to fall off, right? A quality wig tape will perfectly secure the wig in your scalp and will create a sense of security.

When it comes to wig tapes, a lot of factors need to be considered. In an effort to help you find the right wig tape, we have analyzed and reviewed the best ones. Check them out!

How to wear Wig Tape?

You might feel conscious while wearing a wig; thankfully, with the help of wig tapes, you don’t have to feel so anymore. You don’t have to worry about your wig falling off — this will hold the wig firmly in place. Wearing wig tape is pretty easy as well, to do it right you just need to follow some steps:

  • You should properly clean the part of the scalp where you want to apply the tape. You can use alcohol pads to rub off any small particles and oil from the skin so that the tape can properly stick to the scalp.
  • Cut off the wig tape in small parts according to your requirement.
  • Next, peel off one side of the wig tape and apply it in the region you want to secure. You should attach the wig tape near the hairline, but not on the hair.
  • Peel the other side of the tape when you’re ready to put the wig on. Gently wear the wig from backward to forward and position the wig according to your hairline.
  • When you’re happy with the position of the wig, apply a little pressure in the regions where you placed the wig tape. Just make sure that the tape doesn’t stick in your hairline, and you’re good to go.

Which Wig Tapes are the Best?

We have looked at dozens of wig tapes to bring the best ones to you. Here are our top picks:

AIRAO Lace Front Hair System Tapes

Product Link: Click here

AIRAO has been a leading brand in the wig accessories industry due to its dedication to serving users with superior quality products. This wig tape from AIRAO serves exceptional performance when it comes to clinging your hair extension with ultimate comfort for an impressive period of time. If you use it with care, it will last for a month. This double-sided adhesive tape is very easy to use. Scalps are very sensitive, and using random products could create skin problems, but thankfully this wig tape is skin-friendly, and it won’t harm your scalp. It is waterproof so that it will hold on to your wigs in adverse weather as well.

Lace front hair system wig tape

BHF Double Sided Adhesive Wig Tapes

Product Link: Click here

These wig tapes from BHF are one of our top picks — the tapes are designed to hold on to wigs sturdily without any discomfort. You can swim and enjoy the rain wearing this tape since it is waterproof. This tape is a skin-friendly product, and it won’t trigger any allergic reactions. Made with premium material, it’s one of the most durable and strongest wig tapes in the market. Depending on your body temperature and humidity, the tape can last up to 6 weeks. The package offers 36 strips of tapes.

best wig tape double sided

CREATIVE BEAUTY 40 Adhesive Strips

Product Link: Click here

If you are a party person, this wig tape by CREATIVE BEAUTY is the ideal option for you. This exceptional offering by CREATIVE BEAUTY comes with a promise to adhere to your wigs no matter what. It’s a very comfortable yet strong wig tape. You can effortlessly apply this tape to attach your wig by following the above-mentioned steps. Featuring five small holes, this wig tape is extremely breathable. The tape is skin-friendly and lasts for a month if used with care. It is a versatile product, and you can use it for all sorts of hair extensions.

best wig tape

Walker Tape No Shine Bonding Wig Tape

Product Link: Click here

This wig tape from Walker Tape is a superb choice as it lasts for a whopping 4–10 weeks, which is highest in the market. It’s one of the most comfortable and cost-effective products out there. Made for all skin quality, it won’t do any harm to your skin. It will hold on to your wig in the rain and strong wind. The bundle offers 120 pieces of strips.

best wig tape

Blulu 360 Pieces Hair Extension Tape

Product link: Click here

This exceptional new wig tape from Blulu is one of our favorite picks because of its reliability and superior quality. It ensures maximum support and sticks to your wig properly, creating a sense of security. You don’t have to worry about your wig falling off and facing an embarrassing situation in front of friends and family.

wig tape

Manufactured with high-quality adhesive material, it’s durable and very comfortable to use. It won’t trigger any allergic reaction in your scalp. You can use this tape to secure your wig in all weather conditions for almost two months. The package consists of 30 sheets and 12 pieces of tape on each sheet. Just peel off the tape from a sheet and attach it in the region of the wig you want to secure, and you’re good to go.

To sum up, good these wig tapes will give you a sense of relief when you go out wearing a wig. It will be a worthy purchase for sure.

Looking for a good wig glue? The best I have found is this Ghost Bond XL wig glue.

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