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Once you’ve decided on your perfect wig, it’s important to decide how best to care for it. It’s extremely important that you know how to care for your wig correctly so that you can maintain its quality and look. Being able to select the best wig brush is a crucial step in caring for your wig in the long run. Normal hair brushes are too harsh on a wig, causing stretching and loss of wig hairs, instead of gently brushing through them. However, how can you know what else you should use to be brushing your wig? Let’s look at the popular wig combs and brushes and walk through the ways each brush helps your wig.

Wig Combs — Making the Difference in Your Wig Looks

There are many different combs and brushes available for styling and detangling your wig. Here are the most popular types including wig combs, styling brushes, wig picks and wooden wig combs.

Wig Combs

A wig comb is a popular choice for many kinds of wig wearers. While not a brush, strictly speaking, a wig comb can still really help piece through each wig strand without unnecessary wear and tear. A wig comb is soft and gentle on wig hair strands, allowing you to brush through your wig without damaging it and even style or smooth it out evenly without heat. These do the job of untangling nicely, and can easily fit into a bag for a quick fix-up! Wig combs are ideal for use on wigs as they won’t tug or damage the wig fiber. Wide-toothed combs are especially useful, but any comb might be able to do the trick.

Wig Styling Brushes

Styling brushes are a type of wire brush or comb that uses metal prongs instead of rigid or plastic bristles. Metal prongs are ideal for wigs as the metal can easily get rid of tangles while still being able to glide through your wig. Wire wig brushes often have small pins on the end of the wire prongs to prevent the hair from dragging and protecting the wig fibers. Ideal for synthetic wigs, these types of wire combs and brushes are much better at styling when compared to plastic bristles and help to create a wonderfully smooth look.

Wig Picks

Wig picks are thicker combs that are typically smaller and have fewer teeth or bristles. These picks are useful for larger wigs or thicker, more textured wig fibers and offer a wide variety of styling options, including teasing, backcombing, or smoothing of hair fibers. Picks are usually made of plastic or wood. Plastic pick combs are definitely cheaper, but wood picks often provide the best smoothing effect on the hair, so it may be worth it to invest in a good solid wood pick.

Wooden Wig Combs

Wooden wig combs are in general a great tool to use when it comes to hair tools. Wood can provide an extra smoothing effect as well as withstand tough or knotted locks without risk of breaking. You can also infuse essential oils into your wooden tools, which are huge for wig care. Wigs don’t naturally produce oils to help keep hair smooth and lubricated like your scalp does, so including some oils into your wig will help keep your wig in tip-top shape and make it last much longer and look more natural.

Best Wig Combs to Buy Online

Here are some of the best wig combs available for combing and styling your wigs and preserving it in top condition.

Standard Wire Styling Set

wig styling set

This wig set offers a standard wire styling experience. Paired with a wire bristled brush and wire comb with a pick at one end, these tools rely on the time-tested value of metal bristles to smooth and soften wigs in order to keep them in top shape. The wig clips that are included are also helpful for washing and styling, making this a good set for its value.

Wide Toothed Picks

wide tooth wig picks

These wide-toothed picks provide a sleek experience at an affordable price. Ideal for synthetic wigs or synthetic fibers, this set of wig picks creates ideal teasing and picking experiences without damaging your wig or breaking off easily.

Steel Teasing Combs

steel teasing combs

These thin steel combs provide an excellent fine styling experience for people looking for ultimate control and detail over their wigs. The steel elements make it heat resistant, so you can easily use it when heat styling your wig, but it also means you have all the benefits of a wire bristle. The fine teeth on the comb allow for detailed detangling and fine styling of edges or other smoothing experiences.

Multi-Use Comb

multipurpose comb

This multipurpose comb is a perfect addition for someone who wants their tools to multitask and be useful for all kinds of wigs. The plastic comb bristles allow for easy detangling and maintenance without tearing out wig fibers, whether synthetic or natural. The wire attachment on the end allows for easy picking as well as additional smoothing and tangle protection.

Full Wig Brush and Comb Pack

Full wig brush and comb pack

Another great pack that provides a full range of wig tools for a fraction of the price, this pack includes a brush, comb, and two smaller detail brushes. All featuring a variety of metal and plastic bristles, this pack offers variety and high-quality wig care at a very affordable price.

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