Wigs for Men

Amy Trumpeter
5 min readJan 11, 2021
Wigs for Men

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Wigs are a fashionable accessory that are often attributed to women. Women wear a variety of wigs and styles daily and the majority of wigs and wig products are marketed with women in mind. However, men are also great candidates for wig-wearing, something not many people consider! In many cultures, men actually originated the practice of wig-wearing. In the 18th century, wearing a wig was a sign of culture, class, and social status, so many men wore heavily powdered or towering wigs in public as a sign of their wealth and status in the world. Today, men have seemingly become ashamed of wearings wigs, but the truth is that wigs have a lot to offer both men and women!

One of the number one reasons people wear wigs is to accommodate for hair loss. For men who are suffering from premature balding or illness-related hair loss, a wig or toupee can be the perfect solution to your woes! Toupees have gotten a bad reputation for their seemingly fake appearance, but the right wig or hairpiece can make all the difference in the world. Beyond simply wearing wigs for hair loss, men can also wear wigs to cosplay, to try out new hairstyles, and to emulate other fashionable men they see around them! Wearable hair for men is becoming more and more common, and new innovations in wig wearing mean men can enjoy the benefits of wigs for years to come.

Top Toupees for Men Dealing with Hairloss

Sleek Black Waves

This expensive adornment makes up for its high price in its high quality. The lace front toupee made of human hair is completely natural-looking, so you’ll never even notice that it’s not real! Men everywhere will fall in love with this natural-looking and fashionable style.

wigs for men

Tousled Brown/Black Locks

For the man with a lower budget looking for a more natural appearance, this gentle hair topper clips right on for seamless integration with…

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