Woof and Brew — Beer and Prosecco for Dogs!

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readAug 4, 2020
Woof and Brew — Beer and Prosecco for Dogs

Woof and Brew are the specialist drinks company that make doggy drinks as well as tonics for anxious and ‘windy’ hounds. Their main product — Anxious Hound — is a natural daily supplement to help dogs with anxiety. They also do a Senior Hound version for older dogs and a Ha-pee lawn product to prevent urine stains on your garden! But what Woof and Brew is probably most famous for is it’s doggy champagne and beer! Yup, dog friendly BOOZE (don’t worry — it’s non-alcoholic!)! You can order Woof and Brew products directly on their website and also order on Amazon.

Woof and Brew Dog Supplements

Anxious Hound Tonic

Their prime product is the anxious hound tonic which is a natural supplement designed to support healthy mental and physical wellbeing in anxious or nervous dogs. It’s developed to help with fireworks, car journeys and general dog anxiety. It’s only suitable for dogs over 4 months old and dogs who are pregnant or living with chronic illness or medical conditions should always consult a vet before trying something like this. It’s simple to use — just correct number of teaspoons according to the size of your dog on a daily basis and your dog is good to go. Anxious hound is a natural supplement made with natural ingredients including — Astragalus, Devil’s Claw, Lavender, skull cap, orange flowers, Rose petals and Lime Flowers. New customers can get 50% off their first bottle when signing up for a subscription via the website.

Senior Hound

Senior Hound is a natural daily supplement designed to help older dogs with their joints, ligaments and muscles. It’s ingredients are 100% natural herbs develop with the advice of vets to help ageing brains and support circulation.

Windy Hound

Yup — you guessed it, they do tonics for farty dogs!! This Windy Hound herbal supplement will help to calm your dog’s digestive tract and disperse flatulence. Allelujah!

Ha-Pee Lawns

Ha-Pee is a food supplement that prevents your dogs urine from staining the lawn. It’s a natural herbal ingredients to benefit your dog’s well-being and help maintain a healthy urinary tract. remember that this is a food supplement and…



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