Zero Waste Make Up

Makeup is a fashion and beauty staple that’s infiltrated every part of society. Men and women love the look and have made careers out of stylish and successful makeup application, but the trendy accessory comes at a cost.

Makeup is not always good for the environment for a number of reasons. The packaging uses a lot of plastic and other materials that are hard to recycle, the glitter components and product microbeads don’t decompose over time once they’ve been used or thrown away and frequently end up in rivers or other ecosystems that can’t handle the introduction of aggressive new elements, and people frequently buy makeup, realize they can’t or won’t use it, and then toss it, creating a waste of resources and adding more product to landfills worldwide.

How can we take this trendy yet troublesome staple and make it better for the environment while still retaining the quality of the products we know and love? The answer is zero waste makeup.

The New Makeup Trend that’s Single-Handedly Improving the Environment

At its core, zero waste is a philosophy that encourages recycling, minimizing waste, reducing consumption, and trying to find sustainable, reusable, and environmentally-friendly replacements for regularly used items. The four golden R’s of a zero-waste lifestyle are: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose.

From sunscreen to household cleaners, lotion, perfume, detergents, soaps, toothpaste, we all use a ton of products in our daily life that uses a lot of plastic and environment unfriendly materials. Trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle encourages becoming more conscious about the purchasing choices that you make, including your makeup. By purchasing zero waste solutions, you can take advantage of natural products and provide a green alternative to the products you know and love!

Best Zero Waste Makeup Products

Reusable Makeup Pads

Zero Waste Make Up

The first step to successfully implementing zero waste products into your life is to begin by swapping out your tools. These reusable makeup pads replace your cotton rounds or cotton balls that you might have used to apply toner, serums, or other products. They’re easily washable and are a very clean and green way to cut down on daily wastefulness. They also absorb less product than a cotton pad does, meaning you’re extending the life of your makeup solutions as well as the tools you use to apply them!

Tinted Moisturizer and SPF Sunscreen

zero waste make up tinted moisturiser

This tin of moisturizer is a daily staple and a great zero waste swap that replaces your moisturizer, facial lotion, and sunscreen all in one! The tin the product arrives in is completely recyclable, and the paper packaging that describes the product and ingredients is recyclable as well. The moisturizer and sunscreen are reef safe and made with all-natural ingredients to provide the ultimate eco-friendly experience you’ll want to use every single day.

All Natural Floss

all natural floss

Having a healthy smile is essential to your beauty experience, and these plant-based floss picks definitely do the trick. Made entirely from compostable and recyclable plant materials, the charcoal and mint floss threads clean your teeth and freshen your mouth in one swipe, allowing for healthy and environmentally friendly dental hygiene that will certainly enhance your already stunning smile.

Mascara Refills

Mascara tins

An essential swap, mascara is often one of the most plastic unfriendly makeup products in your wardrobe. Mascara tubes often come with excessive or unnecessary packaging that wastes resources and is hard if not impossible to recycle. The product to packaging ratio is heavily skewed and a huge waste. Turning to these mascara refills is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. Buy a reusable eyelash wand and use this compact tin to store your mascara. It works so well that Hollywood stars swear by it, and it’s easy to recycle the remains when you’re done.

Cheek Tins

From the same company that offered the Bésame mascara tin, this cheek tint in a tin offers the same advantages as its cousin mascara. Easy to access and use without having to wade through extra and unnecessary packaging, the cheek tin can be reused for other storage or recycled once empty. You can also use this cheek tint as blush, eyeshadow, and lip color, creating a three in one zero waste product that reduces the amount of makeup you purchase and the packaging you use.

Cotton Swabs

Useful for cleaning up makeup looks or applying other products with precision, cotton swabs are definitely essential for your bathroom and makeup space. These bamboo-based cotton swaps mean that they’re gentle to produce and easy to compost once you’re done using them, so you’ll never have to regret going through ten swabs to fix your eyeliner every again.

Facial Bar Soap

Many people might wrongly assume that bar soap is only good for washing your hands, but lately, bar soap has been taking over the makeup industry as a good facial wash tool as well. The soaps contain all kinds of natural additives that benefit your skin, like activated charcoal or tea tree oil, and require none of the excessive plastic and silicone that usually encase facial soaps. As an extra incentive, you also get more product with these bars because all the soap is accessible right away, not hidden away inside giant soap containers.

The Spatula

This tool is a great way to maximize product efficiency with the products you already own. If you’re just starting the zero waste lifestyle and still have a lot of plastic heavy products you’re phasing out, this spatula will be your saving grace. Use it to scrape out the very last of your products to make sure you’re not wasting anything.

Rejuvenating Eye Cream

This powerful eye cream can take years off your life in just one night. It works quickly to erase wrinkles and dark spots while brightening and freshening your eyes overall. It also comes in a handy glass jar that can be recycled or used for decoration or even to store more eye cream.

No matter how you begin your journey to zero waste, remember that every step forward is a good one! Keep reading our blog for more tips and tricks on how to successfully and reliably implement zero waste and other helpful makeup tips into your routines!

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